11 before-and-after photos that show how weightlifting can transform your body

When it comes to working out, the goal is to work smarter, not harder, right? If that’s the case, you may want to rethink the way you’re exercising to ensure you’re doing the most for your body. These before-and-after photos will show you just how weightlifting can transform your body, and they may make you consider adding more weightlifting into your current fitness routine.

According to Women’s Health magazine, weightlifting — unlike cardio — works on the body long after you’ve concluded your reps due to the fact that it helps you to build lean muscle and increase your metabolism.

“Big lifts [exercises targeting large muscle groups] trigger testosterone and human growth hormone secretion, both of which boost fat metabolism,” weightlifting coach Lisa Reed told Women’s Health.

Plus, lifting can aid to your weight loss efforts, too.

“If you’re looking to lose fat, go with strength training,” trainer Nick Tumminello, author of “Strength Training for Fat Loss,” told Business Insider. “Watch your diet to reveal your shape, and strength train to improve that shape.”

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you — these real-life examples just might be:

1. @sameetayyy

After a little over two years of weight lifting, Instagram user @sameetayyy has reaped major results.


2. @runposelift

Strength training has helped Instagram user @runposelift feel great about her body again. How inspiring!


3. @coleenebraymelmoth

Hitting the gym helped Instagram user @coleenebraymelmoth celebrate her 40 birthday looking fit and fabulous!


4. @madisonmckinlee

Instagram user @madisonmckinlee proves that with hard work and dedication, you can meet your weight loss and strength goals.


5. @cookieedough

User @cookieeedough on Instagram is showing how toned and strong your body can look after putting in the work at the gym.


6. @lifeforce_jajah

@lifeforce_jajah on Instagram saw major results and got some serious muscles when she started lifting weights.


7. @losermentality

Despite the Instagram handle, @losermentality has anything but a loser mentality when it comes to work ethic and achieving her weight loss goals, and because of that, she’s dropped 111 pounds!


8. @vilmaortiz108

Instagram user @vilmaortiz is all sorts of life goals — especially considering she’s 50 years old. According to the hashtags, she’s “fiftyandfabulous,” and we couldn’t agree more! This only proves that it’s never too late to start living a healthier lifestyle.


9. @arielrao

Instagram user @arielrao shows that hard work at the gym can lead to an incredibly strong body.


10. @miss_fit_aly

@miss_fit_aly saw results in just eight weeks — which proves that it doesn’t take long to notice a change in your body once you start weight lifting.


11. @fat.amy_11

Instagram user @fat.amy_11 proves that sticking with something is ultimately the way to weight loss. She’s a great example of how a little motivation and dedication can go a long way.


So, who’s ready to hit the gym?