3 behind-the-scenes secrets from the ‘Roseanne’ revival

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Since returning to the small screen after a 21-year break, “Roseanne” has been breaking records all over the place. Not only did the premiere land a record-breaking live viewership, but the rebooted sitcom also earned itself a delayed viewing record.

It’s clear that everyone is thrilled to be back in Lanford with the Conners. But there are a few behind-the-scenes secrets you may not know about the cast and show. Here are just a few:

1. The Set Is Almost Identical To The Original

Right down to the knick-knacks on the counter and the pictures on the walls, the Conner home was kept almost identical to its original iteration from two decades ago. John Goodman (Dan Conner) jokingly tells Entertainment Tonight, “I think the phone cord was probably the same.” And, of course, it wouldn’t be the Conner house without that afghan on the couch!

They even went so far as to recreate a fan letter that had been stored in the Conner freezer for years. “We used to keep this crazy letter from a crazy fan in the freezer,” says Roseanne Barr, “and that was not there. … But, we recreated that and I had that for a surprise for John [Goodman]. I was like, wait till he looks in the freezer!”

2. The Cast Really Wanted An Episode About Glenn Quinn’s Passing

As all “Roseanne” fans know, Glenn Quinn (Mark Healy) died of a heroin overdose in 2002. It was a great loss for his friends and family, including the cast of “Roseanne,” who had come to love and adore Quinn.

They really wanted to honor their friend and make sure his legacy and role in “Roseanne” would never be forgotten. The episode “Eggs Over, Not Easy,” which aired last week, deals with Becky Conner (played by Lecy Goranson) and her grief over her T.V. husband’s passing. Goranson tells Entertainment Tonight, “It’s been tough for us because he was such an integral part of our show and such a lovely and talented person, and just wonderful to be around.”


3. No One Knows What Happened to Jackie’s Baby

When Jackie became pregnant with Fred’s baby in season 6, it was a major plot line. Not only did she have to grapple with telling Roseanne (who was trying and failing to become pregnant herself), but she also had to find her maternal instincts and learn to co-parent with her one-night stand.

But it seems her son Andy is not a part of this new series — at least not yet. In fact, numerous comments made by characters during the revival seem to imply that the writers won’t be acknowledging this part of Jackie’s past, as when Jackie implies that she will only ever be an aunt, not a mom.

Only time will tell how the “Roseanne” reboot is going to approach this story line. ABC has told reporters that it won’t be discussed this season, but maybe next season. Roseanne herself re-tweeted these speculations from fans, so we know it’s on their minds:


For more behind-the-scenes secrets from the set of “Roseanne,” visit Entertainment Tonight.

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