Behold The Delicious Churro Cake That Will Have You Drooling

Ever since the cronut came out, baking has never been quite the same. Simple cakes and cookies are great, but nothing lives up to a hybrid pastry. Well, there’s a new creation in town: The Churro Cake.

Leslie and Courtney of Large Marge Cooks have created a churro-filled dessert using brown butter cakes, chocolate frosting and churros, and by the looks of it, it seems amazing.

Food And Wine

The two women hail from famed New York City bakery Momofuku Milk Bar, so it’s no surprise their dessert skills on our point. The good news is they’ve shared their churro cake recipe, so you too can make it at home.

Say goodbye to regular birthday cakes, as you’ll now be making this chocolate-and-cinnamon-filled creation for all your friends and family.

Get the recipe here from Food and Wine.