Beloved eagle pair in Florida returns to nest to rebuild after Hurricane Ian

The Southwest Florida Eagle Cameras (SWFEC) were among many of the properties damaged by Hurricane Ian.

With the cameras still offline as of early Oct. 1, people were hoping that eagles would return unscathed.

Saturday afternoon, the operators of the cameras announced on their Facebook that the Eagle pair had indeed returned and started to rebuild.

They said, “I hope this picture gives you the same strength and hope it’s given us.”

The Southwest Eagle Camera has been a local favorite since it was created, with tens of thousands of visits per month. That number spikes during their nesting season, with droves of fans checking in regularly to watch the couple’s hatchlings break through their eggs.

The camera has also captured moments of drama, including attacks from predatory birds upon the nest on at least two occasions.

By Chase McPherson, WFTX.