Hold The Phone, Ben And Jerry’s Makes Lip Balm?!

Mash-ups are pretty much the greatest things ever considering they usually combine two of your most beloved items. But, now that we know Ben & Jerry’s lip balm exists, well, the bar on mash-ups has officially been raised.

Rarely do food and beauty pair up, so when they do—it is certainly something to be celebrated. Although, I do believe I could do without fried chicken-scented nail polish. Just sayin’.

This concoction, however, is something I could get behind. The Ben & Jerry’s brand has created four different flavors that you can wear on your pout.

Lip Balm Land

There’s Mint Chocolate Cookie, Strawberry Kiwi Sorbet, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to choose from. Just like with the actual ice cream flavors, it’s going to be hard to choose a favorite.

Lip Balm Land

Good thing each one is only retailing for $4. That makes it so easy to add all of the flavors to your personal collection. I suggest wearing these lip balms while eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for a double dose of flavor.

There is one downfall to this whole thing, however. According to Refinery29, you will have to call and order these balms from the Ben & Jerry’s merch store or visit a Ben & Jerry’s scoop store near you. I also found them online at Lip Balm Land, but it’ll cost you $10.95 each to buy them from there. So, your options are human interaction or spending a little more money. But, come on. Ben & Jerry’s lip balm? Totally worth it!

Lip Balm Land

You may not want to eat these products (in the same way you would their ice cream), but that doesn’t mean that these lippies don’t use the freshest of ingredients.

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According to PopSugar, ingredients include “organically-derived oils, including extra virgin, palm, hemp seed, and jojoba, which not only provide nourishing hydration, but speak to the Ben & Jerry’s mission of incorporating natural ingredients into its products.”

So, there you have it. When you make ice cream that tastes as good as it does, there’s no way the flavor-inspired beauty items could disappoint. Here’s yet another Ben & Jerry’s purchase you just won’t be able to refuse!