Ben & Jerry’s just introduced three new low-calorie flavors of ice cream

Ben & Jerry’s just made it a little harder to avoid the ice cream aisle if you’re on a diet.

The Vermont-based ice cream company has introduced three new flavors. The best part? They contain far less fat and calories than the brand’s typical pints!

This month, Ben & Jerry’s announced its new Moo-phoria line, with a spokesperson saying it’s aimed at “our fans who say they can’t be trusted with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in their freezers.” So … everyone?

According to the company, Moo-phoria flavors contain 60 to 70 percent of the fat and at least 35 percent fewer calories than regular ice cream, while still maintaining “all the wonderful chunks and swirls that fans adore, along with rich and creamy vanilla, chocolate, caramel and peanut butter flavors.” These flavors are all made with organic dairy and without sugar substitutes.

Enough talk, let’s meet the new flavors:

Caramel Cookie Fix

This vanilla ice cream has shortbread cookie crumbles and salted caramel swirls. It sounds like a dream for someone who wants a light ice cream. Caramel Cookie Fix contains 150 calories per half cup serving.

Ben & Jerry's

Chocolate Milk & Cookies

This decadent flavor has chocolate and vanilla ice cream swirled with chocolate chip cookies. And of all the Moo-phoria flavors, Chocolate Milk & Cookies is the lightest! Every half cup serving has 140 calories.

Ben & Jerry's

P.B. Dough

Peanut butter lovers who are watching their figure will want to pick up this flavor that has chocolate ice cream and “gobs of chocolate chip peanut butter cookie dough,” according to Ben & Jerry’s. At 160 calories per half cup serving, it is the least diet-friendly of all the new flavors but that’s still a pretty low number for ice cream.

Ben & Jerry's

So, how do these low-calorie flavors stack up? People magazine had a taste test and found the flavors are very good, with Chocolate Milk & Cookies ranking as their favorite. After tasting them, the magazine said Ben & Jerry’s fans will likely notice a difference in consistency and texture but they didn’t seem too bothered by it. (It’s still ice cream, after all!)

With low-calorie offerings and dairy-free flavors now available from plenty of popular brands, it’s a great time to be a health-conscious ice cream lover.

The new Ben & Jerry’s flavors sell for a suggested price of $4.89 per pint. To find the Moo-phoria flavors near you, check the company’s website.