Ben & Jerry’s Will Be Scooping Up Ice Cream ‘Tacos’ This Week

Ben & Jerry's
Over the past several years, the ice cream aficionados at Ben & Jerry’s have come up with some pretty creative new treats, which are always set to debut on April 20. This year’s cooky ice cream concoction? The “chill-aco,” which combines—you guessed it—tacos and ice cream.
The delicious-sounding treat will be made with not one, but two, waffle cone “taco shells” held together by a generous dollop of caramel. Are you drooling yet? The waffle cone shells are then filled with two scoops of sweet, creamy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and then topped with cookie crumbs and completed with a drizzle of fudge.
You’re probably thinking this new treat couldn’t get any better, but it does. There are five different flavors combinations available, so that means multiple visits to your local Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop may be in order.
Here are the scrumptious chill-aco flavor combos they’ll be scooping up starting on April 20:
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Fudge Brownie
  • Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz and Chocolate Therapy
  • Phish Food and Triple Caramel Chunk
  • Sweet Cream, Cookies, and Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Tonight Dough
Back in 2015, Ben & Jerry’s delighted customers with a similar concept, the Brrr-ito. These burrito-like treats featured scoops of ice cream wrapped up in a waffle cone “tortilla.” Let’s see if the chill-aco can top that!
So what’s with the date that Ben & Jerry’s chooses to debut these decadent new treats each year? The Vermont-based independent ice cream manufacturer is hoping that people who celebrate the so-called “stoner holiday” on April 20 will enjoy these wacky frozen confections when the munchies strike. To play up the idea, Ben & Jerry’s even created a GIF that was posted their social media accounts.

Whether you’re celebrating 4/20, or just want to have some good clean fun at your local ice cream shop, we think the chill-aco is not to be missed. Taco Thursday, anyone?

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