15 of the best Halloween costumes for babies, according to Amazon reviews


What’s more adorable than a baby all dressed up for Halloween? Why, your baby all dressed up for Halloween, that’s what!

Choosing a costume for your little one can be a challenge. Obviously it has to be something super cute, but how do you decide which one is best?

To provide you with a comprehensive list of cute and clever Halloween costumes for babies, we looked to two wonderful resources: Amazon, where you can find a little bit of everything, and parents like you, who know what they like.

Here are a dozen adorable, mom-approved costumes you easily order in time for your little one’s first trick-or-treating experience.

1. Cap’n Stinker

This costume comes with everything you need to transform your baby into a precious pirate, including a jumpsuit with a ruffled top, belt and vest as well as snaps for easy diaper changes. One mom said, “It was a huge hit. Everyone loved it. The ruffles are adorable.”


2. Cute Cupcake

This costume is ideal for your own delicious little cupcake. The sweet suit has tights and a zippered hoodie dress complete with sprinkles and a cherry on top. One grandma appreciated the cuteness and comfort, writing, “This is the cutest costume! Bought it for my granddaughter. She looked so cute in it. I liked that it was a heavier weight with leggings.”


3. Dinky Dragonfly

Bug eyes on your little beauty? When they are this darling, it’s a go. A parent who reviewed this costume reported, “So much cute. This costume is great for cool weather trick or treating.”


4. Infant Max

You could eat him up, you love him so! This baby costume would be darling on your little wild thing. One parent who reviewed the costume wrote, “This is too cute!! It looks just like Max’s costume from the book, and it’s so adorable on.”


One North Carolina photographer captured this costume in action complete with a “Wild Thing” sign that really nails down just how adorable this Max costume is!


5. Itsy Bitsy Spider

Nobody’s washing this little critter down any waterspouts. With lots of stripes, polka dots and legs, your baby will be the most welcomed spider in the neighborhood. One mom who bought it wrote, “This costume is absolutely adorable!! We got SO many compliments on it and people asking where we got it. I think my daughter got double the candy she would have if she had a boring costume!!”


6. Jack Skellington

Your little guy will look charming dressed in this one-piece suit and hat from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” One mom reviewer wrote, “I’m actually amazed by this costume! My family is obsessed with NMBC.”


7. Little Froggy

From the big, bulging eyes to the frog-toed booties, this costume will catch more attention than flies. One mom stated, “Bought this for my 7 month old son for Halloween, it was absolutely adorable (I’m sure he’ll disagree when he’s a teenager and I’m showing the pictures to all of his friends).”


8. Little Viking

This lined, zippered costume will transform your baby into the sweetest Viking on the block. The beard is detachable, just in case it tickles your little one too much. One parent reviewer wrote, “Perfect he was the best looking baby in town on Halloween everyone stopped to take pictures of him, and he loved it.”


9. Mini Monster

If your baby has started teething, this might be a highly appropriate costume. The fuzzy blue jumpsuit also comes with furry booties. One parent reported, “My grandson got tons of ooo’s and ahh’s over his costume – it’s adorable!”


10. Rag Doll

You already know your baby is a living doll, so why not have the costume to prove it? A pleased parent wrote, “I fell in love with this costume as soon as I saw it and I was not disappointed when it arrived.”


11. Stay Puft Romper

If you love the Ghostbusters, then you’ll love this costume. One mom said, “I bought this, size 0 to 6 month, for my 3 month old and it fit him perfectly. I got tons of comments on how adorable he looked in it. Perfect for our ghostbusters themed Halloween!” The best part is mom and dad can dress up too!


12. This Little Piggy

No way this little piggy is staying home on Halloween in this adorable one-piece costume with a headpiece and booties. “Ridiculously adorable,” wrote one mom.


13. Time Out Convict

Has your tot done hard time in the play pen? This hilariously delightful costume even comes with attached mesh tattoo sleeves. One mom stated, “Our little guy was so cute as a convict! Everyone raved about his “tattoos” and loved the idea of a sweet, baby inmate.”


14. Baby Penguin

Jeez Louise, look at that face! This mom’s review: “High quality baby costume. Great for areas that can tend to be colder during the Halloween holiday. Wouldn’t recommend for hotter climates as the costume is pretty thick. The booties stayed on quite well and our son was very comfortable in this for hours. Would definitely recommend!” Get it here.


15. Cowardly Lion

The product description states, “Ruler of the jungle (and your heart)!” That’s all you need to know, folks. Here’s a review too: “Costume exactly as shown in the picture, warm, cute e reasonable quality (for sure it last more than 3 or 4 times used). Good for cold evenings, not so much for people in the south where temperatures during Halloween can be above 70!!” Get one here.


With so many endearing options, making a decision might be difficult but we’re certain you will pick the very best Halloween costume for your baby.

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