Best Bags For A Weekend Getaway

There’s nothing like a little weekend getaway to reset your system and give yourself the mini-vacay you need from time to time. Packing is often the most stressful part of leaving to go somewhere, but not with these bags!

Don’t stress, just throw your stuff in and go because these bags can handle it. Not only can they hold everything that you need them to, they’re also super stylish to boot! So, the next time you need to hit the open road and forget everything for a little while, be sure you’ve got one of these great travel accessories to throw over your shoulder. Then, your vacation can be exactly what you needed it to be—worry-free!

Shop these 7 bags for the perfect weekend escape:

Leather Bag


This real leather bag is super sophisticated and sure to fit anything that you’d need for quite the fashionable two day vacation.

Oversize Me Please


A bag so large it’ll fit anything? That’s just what the doctor ordered!

Escape Bag


This bag is your escape plan. How could you not take a break with this lying around?

The Biggest Suede Bag You’ve Ever Seen


So much suede. Perfect for the stylish road trip you’ve been planning, huh? This tote will look great in your backseat!

All-White Everything

Screen shot 2015-07-24 at 10.12.15 PM

Because it’s made of faux leather, you don’t have to worry about getting this bag messed up. You can just shove all of your stuff in it and be on your way. With it’s crisp white color and simplistic shape, you’ll look way more organized than you actually are.

Mix And Match


I love how this mixes fabric and leather for a very polished looking bag that can be carried using the shoulder strap or the handles. Pack light or heavy—you decide!

Quilted Protection


The quilted paneling on this bag make it safe to pack your electronics or whatever you need to in it. It’s big enough to hold everything that you could ever need for a weekend adventure.

Getting away for the weekend was never this easy. Shop these bags and start making plans for your two days off! Where will you go? The possibilities are endless!

Image Credit: Courtesy Brands (7)