Here Is The Best City In Every State To Buy A Home

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If you’re house hunting, we’re willing to bet you’ve got a few features on your wish list you hope to find in your dream home—things like a spacious closet or big windows to let the sunshine pour into your living room.

Then, there’s the more practical aspects to consider: Is your dream home in a good school district? How safe is the neighborhood? Are the property taxes reasonable? And, will your home have a good resale value?

GoBankingRates mined data to help narrow down the best city to buy a home in every state. To arrive at these deserving cities, GoBankingRates analyzed important components like school districts, property tax bills, home prices and median household income as well as the median home listing prices. A quick note, though: didn’t include Alaska, Montana or Hawaii in their guide because there wasn’t sufficient data in these states.

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