The 11 Best Cupcake Ideas, For When You Don’t Have Time To Decorate A Cake

The idea of baking a batch of cupcakes seems so much less daunting to me than the idea of actually baking, constructing and decorating a cake. I mean, I can never seem to get each layer to come out flat, which of course, makes stacking difficult. And really, how do people get their frosting to look so good?

Needless to say, I’m not exactly an expert baker, but these pull-apart cupcake “cakes” seem simple enough. Plus, the possibilities are endless. You can make a variety of shapes and flavors to suit a crowd. They’re perfect for every type of gathering, from a baby shower to a Super Bowl party.

So, consider constructing these at your next get-together, especially if the idea of baking a cake is as stressful to you as it is to me!

1. American Flag

The Fourth of July will be here before you know it, after all. Follow this tutorial.

Betty Crocker

2. Caterpillar

This seems like such a fun summertime treat for your kids to enjoy, doesn’t it? Follow this tutorial.

Coco Cake Land

3. Engagement Ring

There’s no better way to announce and engagement than with yummy cupcakes, is there? Follow this tutorial.

Erin's Edible Indulgences

4. Graveyard

These graveyard-inspired cupcakes are sure to be a spook-tacular come Halloween. Follow this tutorial.

Diamonds for Dessert

5. Ice Cream Cone

It’s not a cake or an actual ice cream cone, but it’ll sure taste delicious. Follow this tutorial.

Life In The Lofthouse

6. Fish Bowl

Having a summer pool party? Then, this is exactly what you need to serve for dessert. Have fun diving into this tutorial!

Betty Crocker

7. Unicorn

You don’t need a special occasion to enjoy a unicorn shaped treat. So, go on and make this up for absolutely no reason at all besides how delicious it will be. Follow the video below.

8. Baby Carriage

A baby carriage shaped pull-apart thing is just the kind of thing you need to feed a crowd at a baby shower. Mom, baby and everyone else is sure to be happy with this as the dessert option. Follow this tutorial.

La Hoot

9. Candy Cane

Your Christmas get-togethers will be all the more less hectic if you decide to make this dessert. Follow the video below.

10. Football

Football Sunday just got tastier, you know, without too much extra work on your part. Follow this tutorial.

Betty Crocker

11. Bouquet Of Flowers

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, this is just the kind of thing you need to show Mom how much you care. These flowers are as pretty as they are tasty. Follow this tutorial.

Culinary Couture Blog

I see some simple, yet delicious hassle-free desserts in your future. Be sure to eat a cupcake for me!

[h/t: Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons]