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10 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Major Meal-Prep Inspiration

These drool-worthy meals will have you cooking ahead in no time!

Meal prep is one of those cooking concepts that sounds good in theory, but can be hard to pull off in reality. You know you’ll save time, money and energy if you commit to making your meals in advance, but actually doing it week after week is another story.

Perhaps all you need is a little inspiration, and where better to look than Instagram? These 10 accounts will have you slicing, dicing and simmering your way to a week’s worth of delicious, nutritious meals in no time.

1. @damndelicious 

Blogger Chungah Rhee is a master at making at-home, copycat versions of restaurant meals and snacks, like her recreation of Starbucks’ cheese and fruit bistro boxes that make for a quick, but satisfying, to-go lunch!

2. @nomnompaleo

If you’ve jumped on the paleo or Whole 30 bandwagon, check out Michelle Tam’s Instagram. The New York Times bestselling author shares tips and tricks for preparing meals that work on these popular diets. Checks out her Chicken Chow Mein below, made with “swoodles” (sweet potato noodles) instead of noodles.

3. @mealpreponfleek

Never ask, “What’s for dinner?” (or breakfast or lunch) again, thanks to the bountiful ideas provided by the folks at Meal Prep on Fleek. They even cover snacks, like these scrumptious-sounding mint chocolate energy bites that are meant to be a healthy alternative to Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies.

Snack Attack Sunday 👀 Ok, maybe we got a bit carried away with the #themes this week, but If you love girl scout cookies then you will love this recipe! These Mint Chocolate Energy Bites are your favorite thin mint cookie transformed into a healthy and super fast snack! Oh, and did we mention they are made in 5 minutes and are packed full of yummy #Superfoods? Winning 🙌 _ Mint Chocolate Energy Bites Ingredients: ½ c raw almonds 3 tbsp hemp seeds 14 dates, pitted 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder 2 tbsp natural almond butter 1 tbsp honey 1-2 drops mint extract _ Method: 1️⃣ Place all ingredients into a food processor and blend until combined. You will need to stop the and scrape the sides from time to time. 2️⃣ Remove dough and roll into 13 evenly sized balls. _ Macros for 1 out of 13 bites: 3g Protein, 11g Carbs, 5g Fat

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4. @lastingredient

Banish the “sad desk salad!” Paige Adams is a self-proclaimed “food enthusiast” from Chicago who knows a thing or two about making somethin’ out of nothin’, like this crispy roasted chickpea salad she made from the leftover kale, grapefruit, mint and goat cheese she had in her fridge.

5. @foodprepprincess

Nutrition coach Erin Romeo, aka the Food Prep Princess, shares her passion for healthy eating with tips like how to repurpose Thanksgiving leftovers into nutritious nibbles. Why hello, squash soup with shredded turkey and quinoa!

6. @caligirlgetsfit

To keep dieters on track, Shannon Michelle provides calorie counts along with her meal prep ideas and recipes. She also shares exercise tips and demos on her Instagram, which has over 300,000 followers.

I may not be yet adulting or prepared for all things in life… but at least I'm prepped for this week's meals! I am SO excited about this week's #mealprep because I have created some awesome new recipes. Double tap if you would like me to share some of my recipes! _ Here's #whatsonmyplate and what I made for #mealprepsunday today! _ Breakfast – 🌯 breakfast burrito and a hash brown from Trader Joes! Lunch – 🍜 homemade miso ramen which has bok choy and a poached egg. Snack – 🐮 really delicious beef jerky from @chefscutjerky which is real steak! Post-workout – 💪🏻 protein shake from @womensbest and passion mango BCAA's, a new flavor! Snack – 🍫 chocolate peanut butter bar from @jojoschocolatebark – dark chocolate! Dinner – 🍤 shrimp and broccoli stir fry and rice! _ I took a little hiatus from mealprep but I'm back! Excited to make some delicious food and hit my goals. What's on your plate? #strongereveryday #mealprepmonday #caligirlgetsfood #fooddiary #mealdiary #eatclean #healthyeating #mealprepping #mealprepdaily #foodporn #mealpreponfleek #mealpreplife #wholefoods #traderjoes #flatlays #macros #iifym #womensbest #calories

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7. @marciacal01

Never look at a a salad the same way again, thanks to these gorgeous, nutritious creations that will make you more than happy to bring your lunch to work.

8. @mealprepdaily

This account gathers the best meal prep tips, tricks, ideas and advice from around social media and the web, so you can pick up inspiration from a variety of sources. They also throw in some funny memes for comic relief.

9. @mealprepmondays 

Dad of four Alex Torres posts instructive videos to his account, which has over 240,000 followers, to help guide meal preppers with visual cues. Here’s a how-to video to make his steak and wilted kale.

10. @welovecleanfood

Think clean eating can’t include waffles? Think again. The masterminds behind Dublin-based The Clean 15  promise their meal prep plans offer “realistic” clean eating strategies that will fit into your lifestyle, like these scrumptious-looking oat protein waffles.