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On May 15, National Public Radio did something it had not done in nearly half a century of broadcasting: released a program just for kids—a news and science podcast called “Wow in the World.”

Wow in the World” podcast episodes will introduce children and their parents to age-appropriate news stories and fascinating scientific information that will enthrall the younger set. Questions such as, “How do astronauts poop in space?” will be answered with engaging conversation and a touch of humor.

Podcasts are highly accessible, easy to listen to on the go and can even help kids improve their reading skills. After you subscribe to “Wow in the World,” take a moment to check out these 13 other noteworthy podcasts for kids.

1. “Kids On Comics”

Jim is a school-aged kid who shares a passion for comics with his dad, Don. Together, they discuss all things comic-related. Podcasts include movie reviews, graphic novels, brand new comic series and more.

Kids on Comics

2. “Brains On!”

If you want to encourage your young ones to engage their brains, this podcast is a win. With a different kid co-host every episode, the program explores an array of fun and fascinating scientific concepts.

Brains On

3. “Podcast Kid”

Seven-year-old Jenna and her dad James talk about topics that matter to kids, focusing on building character. Discussions range from books, movies and television to future careers, making new friends and depression.

Podcast Kid

4. “Dream Big”

Eva is an elementary school-aged girl who created a podcast with her mom, Olga. The pair believes that learning should be enjoyable and their silly yet informative shows display this conviction.

Dream Big
Dream Big

5. TED Talks Kids And Family

If you are riveted by TED Talks, you will appreciate their collection of presentations aimed at children and families. With an ever-growing library of recordings, there are dozens of opportunities to learn and gain inspiration.

TED talks photo
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6. “The Alien Adventures Of Finn Caspian”

Finn Caspian is a young boy who lives on a space station. He and his best friends take off on an exploratory mission. Every week, kids listen to a new tale of their exciting outer-space adventures.

Finn Caspian

7. “The Story Home”

Since 2007, “The Story Home” has been amusing children and their parents with delightful audio tales. Dozens of classic stories and fairy tales make up the collection of podcasts, with authors including Hans Christian Andersen, Beatrix Potter, Lewis Carroll and more.

Story Homem
The Story Home

8. “Classics For Kids”

Who says children can’t learn about classical music while having a good time? This podcast introduces kids to composers and their pieces along with details about the musicians and style of music in child-friendly language.

Classics for Kids

9. “All The Wonders”

All the Wonders” actually offers four different podcast channels. “All the Wonders” broadcasts weekly interviews with authors and illustrators; “The Best Book Ever (This Week)” reviews kids’ books; “Books Between” discusses awesome titles for tweens; and “Picturebooking” talks about creating books.


All the Wonders

10. “The Unexplainable Disappearance Of Mars Patel”

This scripted podcast performed by kids will mesmerize 8- to 12-year-olds. Called a mash-up of “The Goonies” and “Spy Kids,” the serial mystery is perfect for middle-school children.

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

11. “Aaron’s World”

Aaron is the star of this dinosaur-centric podcast. Starting when he was 6 (he’s currently 10-years-old), Aaron and his dad have recorded this serial drama of a young time traveler who visits prehistoric times with his computer buddy.

Aaron's World

12. “Barefoot Books”

Hoping to make books accessible for children all over the world, “Barefoot Books” focuses on introducing children to other cultures and inspiring empathy, compassion and global awareness. Kids will enjoy listening to inclusive and diverse stories via their podcast.


Barefoot Books
Barefoot Books

13. “Ear Snacks”

Andrew and Polly are musicians whose primary audience is children between the ages of 2 and 7. Their podcast features songs, themes, interviews of real kids and fun experiments.

Ear Snacks
Andrew and Polly Ear Snacks


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