Angry Orchard’s not the only rosé cider on the market—here are 6 other brands to try

After a few years of “rosé all day,” it is high time for a refresh. Even though, according to market researcher Nielsen, rosé sales grew nearly 40 percent last year, we’re all ready for something new to sip.

Enter: rosé ciders. These bubbly pink beers have officially arrived for 2018 and are sure to give happy hours and summer parties the shake up we’ve all been craving. And if you’ve never tasted hard ciders, now is the perfect time to sample this sweet elixir.

“We see the rosé cider trend mirroring the overall rise in interest in rosé wines in recent years,” said David Dolginow, co-founder of Shacksbury Cider. “Just as rosé wines are playful, fun, and beautiful in the glass, so too are rosé ciders.”

Ciders in general have a lower alcohol content than wine and pair well with a variety of foods. I can personally attest to that. Last fall I went cider tasting for the first time in upstate New York. I discovered an impressive array of flavors from dry to sweet and even pumpkin infused. After my cider excursion, I’m not surprised rosé cider is set to make a splash this season across the country.

Rosé ciders get their signature pink hue a few different ways. Some cideries use red-skinned apples, others add colored extracts or berries and still others incorporate grape skins. Some even sprinkle in flower petals to get that rosy hue. As a result, they also boast a range of light, fruity flavor profiles similar to your favorite rosé wines.

Earlier this year, Angry Orchard debuted its rosé cider, generating a lot of excitement.

“The rare red flesh apples used in our rosé not only impart complex flavors but contribute to the cider’s beautiful rosy hue,” said Angry Orchard’s head cider maker, Ryan Burk. “It’s crisp, refreshing, and unlike any other style we have crafted.”

But Angry Orchard isn’t the only brand getting in on the trend. Several big cider players launched brand new pink beers this year. Here are six you’ll definitely want to try.

1. Crispin

The first was Crispin Cider Company, which is owned by MillerCoors. Crispin has big goals of #roseallyear with its rosy debut. “We’re excited to finally bring female drinkers a rosé cider with quality ingredients that only Crispin can provide,” said Ashley Selman, vice president of brand marketing. Also starting this month, Crispin Rosé will be on tap at select locations.


2. Shacksbury Cider

Not to be left out is Shacksbury Cider, which is widely distributed across the country. The Vermont-based craft cidery introduced its own rosé cider. In convenient 12-ounce cans, this dry cider is perfect for picnics and derives its signature hue from local Marquette grape skins. Additionally, online orders ship to most states.

3. Original Sin

This blush-colored craft cider is made with freshly pressed New York apples. It pairs well with anything from the grill.

4. Citizen Cider

Vermont blueberries and Vermont apples co-ferment to create this friendly, sweet pink cider. Citizen Cider is available throughout New England as well as parts of the Midwest and Southern U.S.

5. Strongbow

For a limited time, this rosé cider is available in 5.1-ounce mini cans in addition to 11.2-ounce bottles. It also features a balanced blend of tart and sweet and light effervescence.


6. Bold Rock

Made in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Bold Rock’s fruit-forward cider will please the palates of craft beer aficionados and oenophiles alike. Use their Cider Finder to locate the nearest business with Bold Rock in stock or on tap.

These rosé ciders will definitely be the apple of your eye! Are you excited for summer yet?