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15 Of The Best ‘Shark Tank’ Products You Can Buy

Warning: You may want to buy all of these.

We’re big fans of ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank” and, if you’re like us, you may wonder what happens to some of those products once the cameras stop rolling. Yes, some are given the green light and funded, but then what?

Many “Shark Tank” products are available in stores or online, and here are 15 of the most amazing products that have appeared on the show. Prepare to be impressed by their genius—and to want to buy them all.

1. Scrub Daddy, 3-pack for $10.99

The most successful product from “Shark Tank”? A sponge. But not just any sponge. Scrub Daddy is shaped like a smiley face and made from scratch-free FlexTexture® material. Why a smiley face? You can put your fingers through the eyes so the sponge won’t slip out of your hands. Clever, huh? When you use it, the sponge adapts to the water temperature, so the scrubbing texture changes—cold water means a firm sponge whereas warm means a softer one. You can also use it on everything from pots and pans to wood and stainless steel. Personally, I see Scrub Daddy sold everywhere I go, so no wonder it’s a best-selling item!

Scrub Daddy

2. Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan, $36

You may remember the Edge Brownie Pan from “Shark Tank,” wherein every brownie in the pan is an “edge,” so to speak. Talk about yummm. A friend of mine has one, and it works. Note: You may get addicted and make brownies all the time, so you’ve been warned.

bakers edge
Baker's Edge

3. HoodiePillow, $19.99

We think this is one of the best inventions ever—the HoodiePillow. You can literally bring it with you everywhere, and just inflate it as needed, whether you want to take a quick nap on an airplane or at the office (we won’t tell). You can also get one with Memory Foam for a bit more ($29.95).

HoodiePillow Brands
HoodiePillow Brands

And there are now HoodiePillow Pals for kids, too, like these ($24.95). Talk about not just comfy, but also adorable.

HoodiePillow Brands
HoodiePillow Brands

4. Nubrella, $59.99

Are you out and about, perhaps on vacation, taking pictures—but it’s raining? Or maybe you’re walking the dog and finding it difficult to balance your umbrella at the same time? If you have Nubrella, you have a hands-free umbrella, and it is amazing.


5. Nerdwax, $10.99

Tired of your glasses slipping down your nose and off your face? With Nerdwax, problem solved! It’s safe for your skin and will keep your glasses in place—finally!


6. ReadeREST, $9.99

Speaking of glasses, are you tired of misplacing them? ReadeREST has got you covered! Their small magnetic product attaches to your clothing and provides you with a hook for your glasses—and no more excuses for losing your glasses!


7. ezpz Happy Mat, $16.99 & up

We all know kids like to play with their food, and this mat will make cleaning it up so much easier—since the mat sticks to the table. Now we know what we’re getting all the kids and people-with-kids in our lives. The mat comes in blue, green and pink. Here, you can see the mat in action, so to speak.

8. Lollacup, $15.95

Speaking of cleaning up your child’s mess, you don’t have to with this sippy cup. No matter how much your child plays with the cup and turns it all sorts of ways, the Lollacup has spill-proof valves, so the drink will stay in the cup or in your child’s mouth. Plus, he or she will be able to easily drink from the straw. Bonus: The sippy cup is BPA-free.

Drinking spinach is fun #11monthsold #51weeksold #lollacup #repost @aprilproveaux

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9. FunBites, $9.99

Cutting up food has never been so fun—and the kids will love doing so, too, with this nifty food cutter.


10. Breathometer, $39.89

Worried about driving after that glass of wine you had at a party? When you have a Breathometer, you can test your blood alcohol level—all via your smartphone. Yes, your phone turns into a breathalyzer. Technology is amazing, right?!


11. One Z Pillow, $59.99

A friend of mine just received this One Z Pillow as a gift and cannot love it more. Yes, as pictured, the pillow wraps around you, providing much-needed back support while your baby nurses.

One Z Pillow
One Z Pillow

12. Drain Strain, $12.99

As you know, we love cleaning hacks, and the Drain Strain is a game-changer for your sink. It’ll collect all the things that would normally clog your drain. Yes, please!

image (56)
Drain Strain

13. Drop Stop, $19.99

We don’t know about you, but isn’t it the worst when things fall between the cracks in your car? Drop Stop will put an end to that. So now, instead of all that spare change being lost forever, you’ll have more money in your pocket, literally.

Drop Stop

14. Urbio Wall Planters, $74.99 for the set pictured

We’re all about house plants, and these planters could not be more sleek or efficient. They’re perfect for the urban gardeners and plant-lovers in your life. You can use them all for plants, or mix it up and use them to store other items like office supplies above a desk. Your call.


15. CitiKitty, $29.99

Yes, with the CitiKitty, you can train your cat to sit on the toilet! We know, we know—pure genius! It’s certainly worth a try, right?!


There you have it—some of the most amazing products from “Shark Tank.” Want more? This site carries all “Shark Tank”-related  products, so you don’t miss any of the genius ideas presented on the show.

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