Have The Best Time At The Beach With These Crucial Items

Going to the beach is definitely one of the best parts of summer. But, going to the beach can be a slightly miserable experience if you aren’t prepared with the proper beach-going gear. Check out this list of beach bag essentials to make your time with your toes in the sand a fun (and fashionable) experience. In my opinion, fashion always comes first, even when you’re seaside!

These items will keep you looking good and feeling good while soaking up some rays, so pay close attention! To start your trip off right, you first need a super cute and functional beach bag. I’d opt for a really large one with plenty of pockets for storage. Going for a sand-friendly material is also important. You don’t want your bag to get ruined, so go with a wicker material or something waterproof.

Now, it’s time to get to the fun stuff: what’s inside your bag. You need to have plenty of products that have SPF in them because protecting your skin is crucial. I always pack sunscreen, tanning oil and SPF-filled makeup products, just in case you need a little touch up! You might also want to throw in some type of ball or paddle game because it’s always great to get a little exercise in while you’re on the beach. As much fun as it is to play sports while you’re out there, relaxation is also a huge motivation for visiting the ocean. Pack a portable hammock and string it up between a couple of palm trees. What could be better?

As far as clothing—a great cover up is a must. Go with something flowy and see-through for the perfect beachside vibe. Wear some sandals, sunnies and a floppy hat to top off your look.

Now, all that’s left to do is throw a towel in your bag, and you’re all set for some fun in the sun!

Take a look at my beach bag essential guide below:

Beach Bag Essentials


1) Great Beach Bag
2) Sunscreen
3) Chapstick with SPF
4) Multipurpose Beauty Stick
5) Tanning Oil
6) Hammock
7) Cover-Up
8) Hat
9) Sunglasses
10) Sandals
11) Zippered Pouch (for protecting your phone, holding your money, etc.)
12) Beach Towel
13) Paddle Set
You can’t go wrong if you take these items along with you on your next seaside sequester! Live summer to the fullest while looking good and feeling good the ocean as your view! I’m jealous of you already!

Image: augstatz/polyvore