Here’s A Month-By-Month Guide To The Best Time To Buy Everything

Saving money seems like a daunting task. Many people wrongly assume that you must go without things that you want and need in order to save money, and this simply isn’t true! In many cases, you just need to shop smarter.

The Krazy Koupon Lady recently published a blog sharing her shopping wisdom about the best time of year to buy everything from cold medicine to camping gear. Here are some highlights from that must-read blog post, as well as some other insider tips on when you can score the best prices on common items.


Bedding! Many stores have a “Winter White” sale, so now is a good time to stock up on those home goods. Also, any and all holiday items—from Hanukkah candles to Christmas lights to New Year’s Eve decor—are likely to be discounted at the beginning of the year. Thanks to Superbowl Sunday, it’s also a good time to stock up on cheap bulk snacks.


Canned foods are often discounted around this time, and seasonal produce like potatoes and turnips tends to be on sale as well. You can also find good Valentine’s Day buys, like cards for your kid’s class, significantly marked down after the 14th.


Now is the time to buy everything for next winter! Hats, gloves, shovels, sidewalk salt—you name it. It is also National Frozen Food month, so everything from frozen dinners to frozen veggies is marked down.

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Keep your eye out for deals on seasonal produce like strawberries. And don’t miss amazingly priced deals on Easter baskets and Easter toys after the holiday. Things like jelly beans and chocolate bunnies can go for a song! (And they store well for next year).


Mattresses tend to go on sale during this time of year. Also, with Memorial Day, anything you need for a picnic will be reduced. Think napkins, plastic utensils, BBQ sauce, insect repellent—everything you’ll need for all of those summer get togethers!


Fruit, fruit, fruit galore! Stock up on fresh fruit like cherries, apricots, grapes and many more. It’s also National Dairy Month, so milk is discounted, too, which the Krazy Coupon Lady says rarely happens, so take advantage in June.

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Tomatoes! Whether you want to make a spicy pasta sauce or have a BLT, now is the time to buy fresh—and freshly discounted—tomatoes. It’s also a good time to buy items for Fourth of July after the holiday has passed. (Think fireworks and decor.) Picnic goods are on sale as well, and with several weeks of warm weather still ahead, you’ll have time to use them up.


Pencils, markers, crayons and other back-to-school items are deeply discounted now. Same for things like hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes that tend to show up on back-to-school shopping lists. Lunch-friendly snacks like pudding cups, Lunchables and fruit snacks also are marked down.


Load up on seasonal produce like squash and apples. Check out summer clearance items like camping gear, outdoor grilling supplies, and even patio furniture.

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If you’re a baker, now is your time to shine! Everything from chocolate chips to canned pumpkin to evaporated milk to coconut flakes is on sale. It’s also a good time to load up on cheap bulk candy, as well as soup broth and cooking oils.


Baking items like condensed milk, cream cheese, brownie mixes and cake mixes continue to be marked down. Produce like apples, pumpkins, yams, potatoes and pears will be discounted. Stock up on stuffing mixes and soup, as well as cold/flu products.


Nuts are on sale! Generally quite expensive, nuts are finally marked down this time of year, as are other special holiday items like eggnog, spiced cider and sparkling wine. Other holiday must-haves like marshmallows, Jell-O, gravy mixes, instant biscuits and mashed potatoes are also reduced.

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Remember, saving money doesn’t have to be a punishment. With just a little effort and preparation, you can save hundreds each year—and still buy a lot of the things you want!