The 12 Best Tiny Houses You Can Buy On Amazon

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Have you ever considered downsizing? Not just moving into a slightly smaller place, but really scaling back on your belongings and living space?

Yes, we’re talking about living in a tiny house. If a minimalistic lifestyle appeals to you, you may be surprised to know you can actually find tiny home kits on Amazon that the retailer will actually ship right to you.

You may have seen this prefabricated modular tiny home available on Amazon that has the internet abuzz. And yes, it’s pretty cool. But it’s not your only option. The online retailer actually offers several kits, from those for minuscule cabins to kits for tiny cottages with lofts, as well as container homes and sheds and pods that can do double duty as a tiny home. Check out this roundup of tiny homes you can order online right now. (Caveat: Assembly is required.)

1. FarmHouse by Cedarshed

This adorable farmhouse kit measures 20 by 14 feet and has two fixed windows, 5-foot wide doors and planter boxes with decorative shutters. Priced at $14,910, it also has a wide porch that wraps around one side, so you can not only sit outside and enjoy the view, but also use it as storage for things like chopped wood.


2. Best Barns Millcreek Wood Shed Kit

This 12-by-20-foot wood shed kit is priced at $5,989. Made of wood and pine, it includes a ground floor and a loft for either storage or to use as a bedroom if you are keeping the downstairs for a kitchen and living area.


3. BestBarns Richmond Barn Wood Shed Kit

Measuring 16 by 28 feet, this wood shed kit is priced at $14,688. Built like a house, it has two floors and can be used as a workshop, office space or a tiny house. The siding is primed ready for the paint of your choice, and you can keep the center section as a solid wall or add a window.


4. Outdoor Living Today Studio

Pried at $8,967, this Outdoor Living Today Studio measures 12 by 8 feet, so it is much smaller than some of the other choices, but equally charming. It has two large functional aluminum windows, three high windows (that don’t open), and a large solid vinyl locking door. The two functional windows come with screens, letting in natural light and adding ventilation.


5. Prefab Backyard Office Shed Pod

This Prefab backyard office shed pod is priced at $26,900. It’s 120 square feet and is insulated, soundproof and waterproof. You would need to do some configuring to include a kitchen and bathroom, but it is a much more modern option than some of the other homes.


6. Allwood Summerlight

The Allwood Summerlight kit is $8,920. The inside space is 150 square feet, and there is no interior finishing needed. It includes large windows and lots of light, so it would be great in a scenic area, like a lake or beach. It ships for free within 3-5 weeks after you place the order.


8. 12-by-20 Log Cabin Kit

This DIY log cabin kit costs $25,967. Featuring a fiberglass door and wood windows, it has room for a bathroom, kitchen, living area and folding bed, and it includes a porch.


9. Weizhengheng module container house 

This module container house uses solar and wind power to generate electricity. Priced at $36,800, the whole house uses a remote control and can be folded and expanded automatically.


10. Prefab DIY Building Cabin Home

The most expensive one on the list, but also the biggest, this ECOHOUSESMART kit is $63,990. It has a total floor area of 1,409 square feet, two bedrooms and one bath, making it more like an actual home than a tiny home. Just like a tiny home, however, you will have to put it together yourself.


Other Home Kits on Amazon

There are several other tiny home kits meant to resemble cabins that we also love (they are seriously adorable!), but unfortunately, they are currently unavailable. They would all work well as tiny homes, but could also be a great getaway home if you don’t want to live there year-round and have some property near a lake or in the woods.

We’re hoping some of them come back in stock, so we’ve included details below on two of our favorites in case you want to add them to your Wish List with hopes that they’ll be back one day.

11. Lillevilla Getaway cabin

This Lillevilla Getaway cabin is $19,250 and has a downstairs, loft and a porch. Measuring 300 square feet, you can have three separate rooms downstairs and fit two beds in the loft. The porch is wide enough to fit two chairs side-by-side or a chair and a table.


12. Bella Cabin

This Bella cabin is priced at $17,800. You’ll get 237 feet of space in the cabin, with an 86-square-foot loft. Styled like a cottage, the cabin is made from Nordic wood and assembly takes about 16 hours. While the kit includes most of what you need to complete the build, you will need foundation materials, which could cost around $1,000.


Whether you’re ready to take the leap into tiny home living or are toying with the idea of a separate guest house in your backyard, isn’t it nice to know you can just jump on Amazon and buy one?