The 8 best tiny houses you can buy on Amazon

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Have you ever considered downsizing? Not just moving into a slightly smaller place, but really scaling back on your belongings and living space?

Yes, we’re talking about living in a tiny house. If a minimalistic lifestyle appeals to you, you may be surprised to know you can find tiny home kits on Amazon that the retailer will ship right to you.

You may have seen this prefabricated modular tiny home available on Amazon that has the internet abuzz. And yes, it’s pretty cool. But it’s not your only option. The online retailer offers several kits, from those for minuscule cabins to kits for tiny cottages with lofts, as well as container homes and sheds and pods that can do double duty as a tiny home. Check out this roundup of tiny homes you can order online right now. (Caveat: Assembly is required.)

1. Best Barns Millcreek Wood Shed Kit


This 12-by-20-foot wood shed kit is priced at $5,625. Made of wood and pine, it includes a ground floor and a loft for either storage or to use as a bedroom if you are keeping the downstairs for a kitchen and living area.

2. BestBarns Richmond Barn Wood Shed Kit


Measuring 16 by 28 feet, this wood shed kit is priced at $14,576. Built like a house, it has two floors and can be used as a workshop, office space or a tiny house. The siding is primed ready for the paint of your choice, and you can keep the center section as a solid wall or add a window.

3. Outdoor Living Today Studio


Priced at $8,967, this Outdoor Living Today Studio measures 12 by 8 feet, so it is much smaller than some of the other choices, but equally charming. It has two large functional aluminum windows, three high windows (that don’t open), and a large solid vinyl locking door. The two functional windows come with screens, letting in natural light and adding ventilation.

4. Do-it-Yourself Wooden Storage Shed with Floor


Another small one is this Handy Home Products Windemere 10-by-12 storage shed priced at

5. Palisade 12×8 Wooden Storage Shed


Priced at Palisade 12-by-8 Wooden Storage Shed has a 60-inch wide barn-style sliding door. A “studio-style” design, it has 6-foot, 4-inch side walls and a 9-feet peak. It comes with a wood floor, wood floor framing and wood floor decking so you can create an outdoor space. It is also ready to paint so you can make it your own. It’s currently marked down to $2,843.

6. Arlington 12 ft. x 20 ft. Wood Storage Shed Kit


With 12-feet wide and 20-feet long side walls, this Arlington Wood Storage Shed Kit is priced at $8,595. It comes with pre-assembled pocket doors and can handle 40-pounds of snow on the roof and 130 mph winds, so you don’t need to worry during a storm. It also has a second floor loft with 4-6 feet of headroom.

7. Manhattan 12×24 Garage Wooden Storage Shed


Priced at $5,498.81, this Manhattan 12×24 Garage Wooden Storage Shed comes ready to assemble and with a 10-year limited warranty. You can build it on a concrete slab or make your own wood floor. It has 7-foot-tall sidewalls and a 10-foot peak, plus 8-foot wide double doors.

8. Prefab DIY Building Cabin Home


The most expensive one on the list, but also the biggest, this ECOHOUSESMART kit is $80,500. It’s not a tiny home, exactly — it has a total floor area of 1,409 square feet, two bedrooms and one bath, making it much more like an actual home than a tiny home. Just like a tiny home, however, you will have to put it together yourself.