These Are The Best Travel Mugs Money Can Buy

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There’s almost nothing worse than looking in your bag and realizing everything is covered with a thin film of coffee—or worse, sitting in an ever-growing puddle at the bottom. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the best of the best. While some of these sturdy travel mugs might mean shelling out a little more, you’ll be saving money on dry cleaning and leather cleaning. And isn’t peace of mind pretty much priceless?

Aladdin Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Mug, $19.99

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This 16-ounce tumbler comes highly rated by real, live people who actually own the mug, not just faceless Amazon profiles. Not only is it dishwasher safe and BPA free, it has a simple latch lock mechanism that won’t leave you wondering if you twisted a top tightly enough. Available in four colors.

Thermos Stainless King Travel Tumbler, $24.99

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I personally own this behemoth travel mug, and while it’s not cute, it sure as heck gets the job done. Aside from the fact that it’ll keep your coffee hot until lunchtime, it doesn’t sweat when filled with iced tea or another cold liquid. And finally, it really doesn’t spill (unless you’re careless about moving the top to “close”). I put this mug in my backpack with zero worries and have even held it upside-down—not a drop escaped.

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug, $25.23

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This 16-ounce mug pretty much has it all: a wide mouth for adding ice cubes, a vacuum insulation that keeps drinks hot or cold for six hours and a click-to-close top with an extra button for a minuscule chance of leaks. This travel mug basically has a cult following, with a whopping 85 percent of reviewers giving it five stars on Amazon. While you can’t put this in the dishwasher, the top comes apart for easy cleaning.

Contigo West Loop AutoSeal, $23.99

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This 20-ounce mug is another personal favorite of mine (I drink a lot of coffee, okay?). Though only the top is dishwasher safe (the body is insulated, so it’s hand-wash only), the leak-proof nature of the mug more than makes up for it. The “AutoSeal” technology refers to the fact that you have to depress a button on the top to drink from it. If that button isn’t pressed down, no coffee for you. This one is worth every penny.

CamelBak Forge Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug, $30

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I’ll be honest: I kneel at the altar of CamelBak. Between the “Got Your Bak” lifetime guarantee and the ridiculous durability of their products, I’m not ashamed to admit I have owned more than 10 in the past six years. Their travel mugs are just as excellent as their water bottles, coming in a similar array of shades but with the added benefit of a self-sealing cap and a stainless steel vacuum insulation that keeps drinks hot for more than four hours.

Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug, $19.82

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Around since 1913, Stanley is no joke—and neither is this mug. Aside from the fact that it keeps drinks hot or cold for seven (!!) hours or iced for 30 (THIRTY!?), it’s also so tough you could probably drive a tank over it and your coffee would be unscathed. It won’t rust, it’s BPA free, it’s got a lifetime warranty and it’s under $20. How much more could you want? If you’re still not convinced, just read a handful of the reviews on Amazon. “Glowing” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

LifeSky Travel Coffee Mug, $39.99

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This 16-ounce tumbler is similar to the Zojirushi mug in that it offers the same multi-lock-style closure. It’s also completely BPA free and promises to keep liquids hot or cold for up to 12 hours, thanks to double-walled insulation. And as a bonus, it’s got a rubber ring around the bottom to keep it from being accidentally knocked over. While the price is steep, it’s currently on sale for only $16.99, so snatch it up quickly.

Vibrant All-in-One Travel Mug Tea Infuser, $39.99

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We couldn’t let the tea-drinkers feel left out, now could we? This travel mug comes with the added bonus of a tea infuser for all those Teavana addicts. The strainer snaps into the mug to infuse your tea while you travel and then easily pops out once you’re ready to drink. You can also use it to create infused waters with herbs and fruit. The bottle has a non-slip matte grip, so you never have to worry about it getting slippery in your hand.

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