Viral hack shows how to clean up leaves quickly without a rake

Virginia Lane shows cardboard box hack for 'raking' fall leaves

Everyone loves to look at fall leaves, but most people don’t much care for raking them up. Raking leaves is a time-consuming chore, especially if you have a big yard and lots of gorgeous old trees.

As usual, someone on TikTok came up with an incredibly simple solution that could speed up the process of clearing those leaves from your yard. As you can see in the video below, shared by Virginia Lane, all you need to do is take a big piece of cardboard and shove the leaves, snowplow-style, right into a pile. Bam! Done.

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Well, most of the way done. While the cardboard box seems to provide a good way to plow all the leaves into one place, you’ll still have to bag them or mulch them.

A few commenters noted that if your trouble with raking leaves is that it’s hard on your back, this isn’t the ideal solution. (Lane is hunched over as she pushes the leaves around with the flattened box.) One noted that they use a similar plowing method, but with a snow shovel! If your rake isn’t cutting it, these are good tricks to try out, anyway, especially if you already have a big box handy.

We’re not so sure this method will work if the leaves are all wet and matted together, either. Though it’s always best to wait until leaves are dry before clearing leaves, if possible, no matter the method.

That said, may we suggest a leaf blower for piling up all of your fall leaves? Anything to make chores easier!

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