Bethenny Frankel’s Beloved Dog Cookie Has Died After Suffering Seizures

“Real Housewives of New York” star Bethenny Frankel had some sad news to report on Oct. 30: her 17-year-old dog, Cookie, died after suffering multiple seizures. Frankel shared on Twitter that her beloved pet was gone.

“My cookieabooboo is gone. Bless her furry heart….” she wrote.

She followed up that tweet with a picture of herself and Cookie, captioning it, “My furry first baby, May ur next life be as beautiful as this one was. Thank u for the love u gave to me &my peanut. See u on the other side.”

The devastating news came on the heels of a series of videos posted to Instagram by the reality star on Saturday, explaining that Cookie was having a seizure.

“Help me, what do we do? Help us! I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to go. There’s no vet-911. Somebody help us, I don’t know what to do,” Frankel said in the video, which has since been removed, reported.

Frankel was paralyzed with fear, afraid that the canine would die or swallow her tongue if she moved her. Cookie eventually made it to the hospital, and she survived the seizure, according to However, the pup’s condition continued to decline, and Frankel began to realize that she may have an agonizing decision to make.

“My peanut & I experienced a 45 min dog seizure & have obvious decisions to make & ‘in case’ goodbyes to say. is still alive,” she tweeted over the weekend.

Yesterday, Frankel finally wished her beloved pet goodbye.

Cookie has been Frankel’s companion since was a puppy. In a 2016 interview with People, the star explained the tight bond she shared with her furry friend:

“[She’s taught me] to be loyal and that you don’t have to love everyone. Quality vs quantity. She has a tight crew and she would kill for them. She never wanted fame and isn’t fazed by it, but somehow when that camera goes on, she never fails to steal the scene.”

bethenny frankel cookie photo
Getty Images | Matthew Peyton

If you suspect your dog is having a seizure, do not panic. Most seizures in dogs are not considered life-threatening, according to veterinary technician Jenna Stregowski, RVT, writing at The Spruce. You should, however, contact your vet right away to determine the best course of action. You may be instructed to bring your dog in for medical attention as soon as possible.

The Spruce also recommends moving any items that your dog might bump into and blocking off any stairways. You want to keep your dog out of danger while he’s having a seizure, which should only last about a minute.

If a seizure lasts longer than five minutes, it is considered an emergency situation, and your dog should receive medical care immediately to prevent brain damage and hyperthermia (overheating).

We hope you’ll never experience your dog having a seizure like Bethenny Frankel did. But with a little knowledge, if it ever does happen, it can be a lot less scary.