Man Tries Beyoncé’s 22-Day Vegan Diet And Loses 15 Pounds

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If Beyoncé promotes her diet, you’d be willing to give it a try, right? This man certainly was — and we can’t say we blame him. If a diet’s good enough for a superstar like Beyoncé, it’s got to be good enough for the rest of us mere mortals.

That was certainly Kevin Reilly’s mindset going in. He’s a video producer for Business Insider, and he took on the challenge of completing Beyoncé’s 22-day diet for work as well as for himself.

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“I figured if it’s going to work for her, it’s got to do something for me,” he said in a video documenting the experience.

Beyoncé’s diet is called The 22-Day Revolution and involves eating a vegan plant-based diet and opting out of processed foods for 22 days. It’s created by exercise physiologist Marco Borges.

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The Experience

According to Reilly, the hardest part of the diet is getting into the swing of things, which makes sense — especially if you’re used to eating meat.

“Let me tell you, that first week was rough. I wanted the food that I was used to eating. I was cranky, I actually felt tired on a couple days, and really I just wasn’t into it,” he said. “But guess what? If you want some results, three weeks into this thing, 15 pounds gone. Take a look at the before-and-after. Not bad, right?”

It’s easier to follow along with the 22-Day Revolution diet if you use the recipes in the book. There’s even a meal service devoted to the diet, which is more helpful but also more costly.

Preparing plant-based, unprocessed meals may take more time than you’re used to, but if you don’t want to do this diet by the book (literally), then you don’t have to. Even Beyoncé says it’s okay!

“Whether or not you have aspirations of a diet that’s 100 percent plant-based—because I can’t do it — just eating more vegetables and figuring out a better way to incorporate more vegetables for 22 days, you’ll be so surprised at your journey,” Beyoncé said in an interview with the “Today” show.

Is A Vegan Diet Better For You?

While a study conducted in 2015 showed that vegan diets can yield greater results than other types of diets, it’s also important to note that a vegan diet isn’t totally without fault.

“The vegan diet should be well planned and needs to pay specific attention to B12, which is not the case for the diet containing small amounts of meat, dairy and eggs,” Peter Clarys, chair of human biology at Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium, told Time.

He continued that incorporating some eggs and meat into your diet was not “unhealthy.”

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The End Results For Reilly

Ultimately, Reilly lost 15 lb.s on the 22-Day Revolution diet, and felt much more energetic and healthy. But a strictly plant-based diet isn’t something he’ll stick to forever.

“Now, am I changing myself to a vegan? No. That first night I went to my favorite restaurant and had a damn good tuna melt. And I’ll be having more of those,” he said. “But do I feel fabulous like Beyoncé? Sure.”

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The Consensus

The 22-Day Revolution diet may be hardcore from some people. Overall, if you’re looking to change your lifestyle to be a bit more healthy and a bit more fabulous like Beyoncé, then eating more vegetables could be the way to go!

If you need some yummy recipes, give these a try as you make your transformation to a more Bey-worthy life!