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Despite the fact that they’re entertainment royalty, sometimes Jay-Z and Beyonce are seen doing everyday things, just like all of us mere civilians.

For example, Beyonce and her mom, Tina Knowles Lawson, were recently seen shopping at Target with Blue Ivy in tow.

And while you can usually find Beyonce executing perfectly-choreographed dance moves, her mom recently posted a video of the two of them—plus Jay-Z—doing a dance a lot of regular people know: the Electric Slide!

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While Lawson has since taken the video down from her Instagram, fortunately some social media users captured it for us all to enjoy. Check it out:

Wow. They certainly have the moves. How fun would it be to have none other than Bey and Jay doing the Electric Slide at your family wedding or holiday party?

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When she posted it, Lawson had captioned the video: “Why at every party even a kids party do we have to do 10 versions of the Harlem shuffle, electric slide, cupid Shuffle, wobble Shuffle the Texas shuffle, everything but the kitchen sink Shuffle.”

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Ha! We hear you, Tina.

While Beyonce’s mom may think there are too many shuffles and slides going on at parties, we say that when Jay and Bey are involved, the more the merrier!

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It sounds like the gang is planning to get together again soon for the holidays, so let’s all cross our fingers that another fun video emerges.

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“I’m going to cook the biggest meal with everything I know how to cook,” Lawson recently told Us Weekly. “We’re all going to be together and I cannot wait. It’s really hard to get everyone together these days. It’s becoming harder and harder!”

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Here’s hoping! Happy Holidays to the Carter-Knowles clan.

Queen Bey was also in the news recently for doing something we can all relate to: splurging at Target.

Can you imagine if you were at your local Target, just minding your own business and picking up some household essentials, when you suddenly spot Beyoncé? With daughter Blue Ivy in tow? And her mom, Tina Knowles? Well, that’s exactly what happened to some lucky shoppers at a Target in San Clemente, Calif. on Dec. 7.

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Queen Bey was just casually shopping, donning sunglasses, but otherwise making no attempt to conceal her identity. Although the shoppers in the store seemed to have kept their cool, when the internet got a hold of the sighting, it was quite a different story.

It all started when Twitter user Taylor posted some candid photos of the star walking the aisles of the big box store, writing, “It’s not everyday that you see @Beyonce at Target.”

Taylor’s tweet quickly caught the attention of Twitter, and has now been re-tweeted nearly 3,000 times.

People on Twitter had absolutely no chill when it came to expressing how they would react in the presence of entertainment royalty on the level of Beyoncé.

Like this user who declared you would have found him passed out if he spotted the songstress:

Or this person who was delighted to see Beyoncé pushing Blue around in one of those red carts like a regular mom:

This woman knows she would not have remained calm in the pop star’s presence:

This comedian surmises that Bey’s overspending habits at Target are a probably a little different than your average shopper’s:

It is fun to think about what brought the Carter-Knowles family to Target, since they usually roll like this (Jay seems to be chilling on a private jet in this shot, though we can’t be 100 percent sure).

Could she have been buying presents for Jay and her twins? Or maybe she was just picking up paper towels and milk? Maybe she wanted to hit up an in-store Starbucks for a Christmas tree Frappuccino?

The world may never know, but one thing’s for certain: when Beyoncé goes to Target, people take notice.

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