New break-resistant crayons are perfect for little kids

Although school may look different this year — and classes may even still take place at home — there is one thing that will never change: The need for school supplies.

If your little ones are in need of some new coloring utensils this year, Bic just launched a new kids’ coloring line. The products are different from typical crayons, markers and coloring pencils, as they are designed specifically for children.

The line includes washable markers, splinter-free colored pencils and break-resistant crayons, and all the items are available on Walmart’s website and in select Walmart stores.


The crayons are designed to stand up to added pressure, which should help minimize the frustration that arises when crayons break. They are also wrap-free, which lets kids color uninterrupted without having to peel off paper.

The markers come in vibrant colors with strong tips that won’t dry out even if they’re left uncapped for up to one week. They are also washable, so it’s easy to remove markings from skin and most clothing.

Lastly, the coloring pencils feature resistant barrels that won’t splinter if broken, while still remaining easy to sharpen.


Meanwhile, Crayola’s lineup features a few similar products, including washable and twistable crayons that are break-resistant and do not need sharpening.

Crayola also just released its Colors of the World line, featuring 24 crayon colors that can be used to represent a wide variety of skin tones. The crayon packs include side panels with color references, and each crayon label states the color name in English, Spanish and French. Shades include names like Light Golden, Deep Almond and Medium Deep Rose.


Crayola has also joined other companies in making face masks for children and adults. Their masks come in a five-pack (one for each school day) in a few different styles.

They have adjustable ear straps and a nose clip. A pack of five is $29.99, or about $6 per mask, and they’re available to pre-order now, with an expected delivery date of Aug. 21.


Will you be picking up some colorful supplies for the new school year?