The Cast and Crew of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Did a Final, Epic Flashmob on Set

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“The Big Bang Theory” will wrap up its memorable 12-year run at the end of this TV season. With all those years together, it makes sense that the cast and crew are tight. So tight that they have performed together in several choreographed flashmobs on the studio set.

For the final flashmob of the show’s history, they went out with, yes, a big bang.

Sporting black clothes and white baseball caps with the number 12 on them, “The Big Bang Theory” ensemble danced their hearts out to “Larger Than Life” by The Backstreet Boys. Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny, shared in her Instagram post that it’s “a song that thanks the fans.”

Show creator Chuck Lorre FaceTimed in to see the performance live since he couldn’t be on set. And Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard, was sidelined due to an ankle injury.

But the other show headliners, including Jim Parsons (Sheldon), Kunal Nayyar (Raj), Simon Helberg (Howard), Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) and Mayim Bialik (Amy) — plus a slew of crew members — gave it their all for the entire number, as you can see in the photos Cuoco shared on Instagram. The TV studio audience rewarded them with a standing ovation.

The flashmob was choreographed in part by Kaley Cuoco’s sister, Briana, and it was Kaley who first came up with the idea to start on-set flashmobs.

A 2012 flashmob began during what seems to have been the set-up for a normal scene. But the cast quickly got up to dance with the crew to a mashup of “Call Me Maybe,” “Gold Digger,” “Run The World (Girls),” “Big Pimpin’,” “Everyday I’m Shuffling” and “Low (Apple Bottom Jeans).” It ended with Jim Parsons back in his living room set shouting his signature line, “Bazinga!” Check out the entire number in this YouTube video:

The show cast and crew were at it again in 2014 with a flashmob dance, captured in the video below, to “Uptown Funk” with a last-minute leap-in from Johnny Galecki in a red cape and Santa hat.

We’re sure this final “Big Bang Theory” flashmob was both fun and bittersweet!

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