It’s Hard To Believe This Stylish ‘Tiny House’ Is Only 250 Square Feet

Bigger isn’t always better—especially when it comes to living spaces. Many people want to simplify their lives by living in smaller homes with less clutter. That’s why the so-called “tiny house movement” is going strong.

Plus, living in fewer square feet doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. Case in point: This 250-square-foot tiny house on wheels designed and built by Matthew Impola of Battleground, Washington, who runs the blog Handcrafted Movement.

Handcrafted Movement

Vaulted ceilings and bright white paint make the interior feel much roomier than it actually is.

Handcrafted Movement

Large windows let in plenty of natural light, making the space feel cheery and homey.

kitchen window
Handcrafted Movement

Impola uses every inch wisely to maximize functionality and storage space. For example, a side table is built around a plant, transforming it from a decorative element into a practical one.

plant table
Handcrafted Movement

Hidden at the top of the stairs is the cozy and private sleeping chamber.

sleeing quarters
Handcrafted Movement

And, in the living area, a couch unfolds to provide into an extra bed.

pull out bed
Handcrafted Movement

Want to see more of this spectacular small space? Check out Impola’s blog, Handcrafted Movement.

[h/t: Apartment Therapy]