Big Lots is selling a barrel of cotton candy balls for $5

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Craving something sweet? Want something easily munchable while you binge-watch Netflix? Big Lots has the perfect snack and — bonus! — it’s super affordable!

Cotton Candy With A Crunch

Herr’s Cotton Candy Balls are little blue spheres of sweetness crammed into 15-ounce containers. At just $5 per bucket, they’re an inexpensive option if you’re in the mood for something a little different.

There are approximately 18 servings in a container (about 35 cotton candy balls equals one serving) with 160 calories per serving if you’re counting. The primary ingredient is cornmeal and there are no common allergens in the mix — such as nuts, wheat or dairy — though the brand’s website states that there is a possibility of small amounts of residue left behind on machinery from other products.

How Do They Taste?

Imagine cheese balls and cotton candy got married and had tiny orb-shaped babies. That’s what cotton candy balls are like. But is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Of course, taste is subjective. But we looked to social media to see what Big Lots customers had to say about the flavor or, at the very least, their first impressions of these brightly colored balls.

Instagram user @hotmessness1021 wanted to try the Cotton Candy Balls. On her Instagram post, she asked, “Why are these not in my life?????”

Scrolling through her comments, it seems as though her significant other nixed the purchase.

Meanwhile, other shoppers seemed disgusted by this odd food concept. Instagrammer @klund13 asked, “Okay…is it just me, or do these look totally gross??”

Over at Amazon, where the product is currently unavailable, reviews were similarly mixed. One reviewer complained that they were stale. “Disgusting and NOT worth the $19.99 I paid,” they wrote. “They tasted like styrofoam and had a similar consistency. Yuck. Also a weird after taste.”

At the same time, other reviews contained accolades like, “OMG! These are soooo good!” and “If your [sic] a cotton candy lover, this is it! Not to sweet and not to blan[d], its just the right amount. Once you start munchin, its [sic] hard to quit.”

We remain mystified.

Will you go out and grab a barrel for yourself?