Teen mom makes touching video for newborn son she placed for adoption


Hannah Mongie faced a difficult decision at a young age. She was 18 when she found out she was pregnant with the child of her boyfriend, Kaden Whitney, whom she’d only been dating for several months.

They made the choice to place the boy for adoption, feeling they weren’t ready to care for him. Mongie carried the child but when Whitney suddenly died during her pregnancy, she felt unsure if she could go through with letting him go.

“I was just so depressed. I was not going to think of adoption at all. The baby was my last part of Kaden,” Mongie later told “Today.” Ultimately, she decided he should be adopted but she made a touching video for him so he’d know how much his birth mother truly loved him and how difficult it was for her to let him go.

Watch it below.

Mom Hopes Others Will Learn What The Birth Mom Goes Through

“One day I woke up, and I just knew that you were supposed to be with someone else. So, I went and searched for families,” Mongie said in the video. “I found your parents, Brad and Emily Marsh, and I fell in love with them. They were beyond anything I could have asked for, and I have really, really high standards for anyone who’s going to raise my child.”

The video is extremely heartfelt, and Mongie said she hopes “anyone who watches this will be able to gain a new perspective on what the birth mom goes through.”

Mongie’s son, Taggart, was adopted in March 2016, but she only recently shared the video via the Love What Matters Facebook page.

Mongie and the Marshes have an open adoption, so she still gets to see little Tagg “all the time.”

The Marshes also have two other adopted sons, who also have open adoptions.

“Our birth moms are kind of put on a pedestal at our house,” Emily Marsh told ABC News. “We have a picture of each kid with their birth mom on their nightstands and we speak very highly of them and they’re very respected in our home.”

Benefits Of Open Adoption

Open adoption agreements are decided upon between the birth parents and the adopting parents and can manifest in varying degrees. But according to America Adopts, “Studies show that there are huge benefits for all members of the triad, especially to the adopted child. Openness allows adoptees to know who they are and where they came from, giving them self-esteem and a strong sense of identity.”

And it’s clear that little Tagg is loved very much by both parties, and just so he’d never have to wonder about that fact, his birth mom always has the touching video to prove it — not to mention an Instagram feed filled with pictures and message of love.

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