Bisquick Sausage Balls are the perfect bite-sized snacks

Whether you’re brainstorming appetizer ideas for dinner parties or just looking for a bite-sized snack to gorge yourself on while binge-watching the latest Netflix show, we’ve got you covered. Sausage balls are the only thing you need, whether for a night out with friends or an evening in all by your lonesome.

These Bisquick Sausage Balls from Gonna Want Seconds, for example, are small but flavorful, and blogger Kathleen writes that they’re perfect for dipping.

She adds that while many cooks make sausage balls with cream cheese, she prefers to use extra sharp cheddar. All in all, they take just over a half hour to make, and you end up with 28 of these scrumptious snacks by the end:

Gonna Want Seconds

If you enjoy the taste of cream cheese in your sausage balls (and who wouldn’t?), blogger Brandie of The Country Cook uses both cream cheese and cheddar in her recipe.

The Country Cook

If you’d prefer not to use Bisquick — or any other boxed biscuit mix — Delish has all the ingredient substitutes you need. In place of the mix, they provide the correct proportions of flour, baking powder and salt so you can make your own mix. They also share that you don’t have to feel limited to pork sausage. Plus, you can always swap out the cheddar for any of your favorite cheeses.

We know. That doesn’t help narrow it down. But doesn’t it feel good to know the possibilities are endless? Here’s a video from the Delish YouTube channel that you can follow along with at home:

The only other thing you need? Dipping sauces! Well, that and a healthy appetite. But you can work up an appetite whipping up a small selection of sauces with which to enjoy your sausage balls.

Delishably has a whole list of possible dipping sauces that pair well with meatballs — such as beer ketchup sauce and sweet and sour soy sauce — but we would totally dip our sausage balls into any of these party dips.

So what’ll it be? Will you make these for your next gathering? Or will you be keeping these all to yourself?