This Bizarre-Looking Inflatable Chair Will Transform The Way You Enjoy The Outdoors

The act of lounging just got a whole lot easier.

This inflatable multi-use chair from Fatboy inflates in mere seconds, and when it’s time to pack in the fun, the chair deflates and rolls up into a bag the size of a backpack. Once inflated, the chair, a Dutch creation, can seat up to three people couch-style or serve as a glorious, air-filled hammock just for you.

The days of lugging heavy metal lawn or beach chairs to the park, beach or campsite are gone. And if you weren’t already sold on this product, you will be now: The chair inflates with no lung-power required! That’s right. To inflate the chair, unroll it and then swing the open end through the air to fill it. Roll and fasten the open end of the chair to close it and voila, you have seated relief in a snap.



The chair comes to the U.S. from the Netherlands via Fatboy, makers of those enormous nylon bean bag chairs. The Lamzac lounge chair, which weighs just around 2 lbs, has been in high demand since hitting the scene here.