Black Christmas trees are the hottest holiday decorating trend this year

Traditional Christmas trees are green, and chances are that you’ve heard of or even seen a white Christmas tree. But have you ever seen a black Christmas tree?

It turns out that black trees are all the rage this holiday season.

While it’s certainly not conventional, I have to say I like the idea. There’s something cool and chic about a black tree, and it could be the perfect centerpiece for a “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme.

My friend had a black Christmas tree several years ago, and it really put an edgy twist on the normal holiday decor. In fact, she liked the look so much that she ended up keeping it up all year!

If you’re the type who likes a little Christmas spirit but can do without all of the glittery red and green decorations, a black tree can be a great way to be a little festive without going full-on “Elf.”

“Black Christmas trees are not only a unique statement piece, but they have their own mystical presence,” Julie Cassetina, a spokesperson for Wayfair, told “Good Morning America” of the odd appeal of black trees. “[They] really help ornaments and string lights pop. You could deck them out with lighter colored ornaments that’ll really stand out against the black, or simply add delicate, white string lights that almost create a feeling of evergreens at night in the wilderness.”

This Tuxedo Black Christmas Tree from Treetopia is pre-lit and comes in several sizes, from five feet up to nine feet. It’s currently on sale, priced between $129.99 and $549.99, depending on the size.


Would you consider displaying a black Christmas tree in your home this year?