These Black Goth Ice Cream Cones Are The Coolest New Food Trend


Today’s food trends are getting increasingly inventive. I mean, rainbow bagels? Spaghetti doughnuts?

This latest food phenomenon will definitely have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief. An L.A.-based soft serve shop, Little Damage, is to thank for bringing us these black ice cream cones and, of course, black ice cream to go inside of them. Because evidently your favorite frozen concoction has a dark side you never knew about.

According to Los Angeles Magazine, the cones at Little Damage get their black coloring from activated charcoal. You can also get a matching black scoop to match your dark soul vibes. The black ice cream flavor is called “almond charcoal,” which is apparently offers a subtle almond flavor.

Trying this out for yourself may require a trip to L.A. at the moment (until other ice cream shops pick up on this), but it’d be totally worth it. This shop also has unique ice cream flavors such as Thai tea, green tea coconut, and even one called “Just Beet It” made with, you guessed it, beets. There’s also a unicorn option because this ice cream shop is clearly on trend.

According to the store’s website, there are vegan ice creams to choose from, as well. So, lactose intolerant and vegan folks can enjoy some unique flavors (and colors!), as well.

No cone is complete without toppings, of course. And Little Damage won’t leave you hanging. Top your treat off with fun Fruity Pebbles, caramel corn and more.

What ice cream concoction will they dream up next?

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