Black women paid for a deputy’s meal and left behind a touching note

Two black women paid for a white deputy’s meal at a Nashville restaurant, but a message they sent with the payment made it all the more special.

Sumner County Sheriff’s Deputy Jody McDowell was eating at a Cracker Barrel when the server told him his meal had been paid for. The two women paid for his breakfast, but he didn’t know their names.

McDowell was so moved by the gesture, he posted a picture on social media to thank them.

He said, “I want to thank the two sweet black ladies who paid for my breakfast this morning. While waiting for a transport to be completed, I decided to have breakfast at a Cracker Barrel near the Nashville airport. I received this note from them.”

The note read, “BLM, but so does yours! Thank you for your service. Breakfast paid.”

By: Rebekah Pewitt