Blake Lively’s Daughter Is A Baby Carnivore Who Wanted Steak For Her Birthday

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In the words of Blake Lively, she’s the mother to a “baby Viking.” Ines, her daughter with Ryan Reynolds, apparently has quite the taste for meat, as Lively shared on a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon.

Here’s baby Ines with dad Ryan, mom Blake, and older sister James, last year when Reynolds got his star on the Walk of Fame.

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She doesn’t look much like a meat eater, does she? But Ines, who was born in 2016, is now quite a bit bigger, at one year old. And she totally surprised her family with her fervent thirst for steak.

Lively made her adorable daughter a Cookie Monster cake for her recent first birthday, but Ines wasn’t at all interested in the sugary confection — she went straight for the steak on her mom’s plate.

Here’s Lively telling Fallon the whole hilarious story:

“She just looked at it [the cake] and reached for a steak …. so she had a birthday steak, and then she grabs the other one. She was hand-fisting two steaks,” the star of the new film “All I See Is You” told the late-night TV show host. “Her sleeves were dripping in blood.”

Lively went on the compare her daughter to a “white walker” (the mythical humanoid villains on the show “Game of Thrones”). I don’t think we’ve actually seen a white walker consume any flesh on the show, but I’m on board with Lively’s comparison, anyway. It’s all about that carnivore vibe, which white walkers definitely have in spades. Lively said she had to carefully clean the steak blood out of her daughter’s clothing after the party was over.

How funny! It sounds like Ines has a big personality, which probably fits well with her two movie star parents.

Blake Lively’s new film, “All I See Is You,” in which she plays a woman who regains her sight. Here’s the trailer below:

It looks intense, right? Just about as intense as baby Ines’ love of steak!

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