New Blazin’ Buffalo Mix Doritos combine 4 of your favorite flavors in 1 bag

There is a new flavor of Doritos in town, and this one isn’t taking any prisoners! Blazin’ Buffalo Mix Doritos combines FOUR different  flavors in just one bag. So you won’t have to stand in the supermarket aisle debating whether you want cheesy or spicy or tangy…now you can have it all!

The Doritos Blazin’ Buffalo Mix is a combo of Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch, Chipotle, Cool Ranch and Blue Cheese, and the chips comes in four fun shapes. The Impulsive Buy posted on Facebook on Aug. 3 that the new Doritos had been spotted on store shelves.

As long-time Doritos fans know, Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch was a cult favorite that was unthinkably discontinued. Fans rebelled about the loss of their favorite Dorito, even going so far as to create a Facebook page demanding its return. Doritos heard their pleas for help, and they brought back the fan favorite:

However, the beloved chips only returned for a limited time. If you missed out on your chance to snag these at your local store, don’t worry. Fans of the Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch can get their fix with a bag of the new Blazin’ Buffalo Mix.

Additionally, you can also win some cool prizes by buying a Blazin’ Buffalo bag. Doritos has partnered with quarterback Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions, and if you go the Doritos Mix website and predict Stafford’s plays successfully, you could win big!

First, you just have to scan your bag of Blazin’ Buffalo Mix (or enter the code if you don’t have a smartphone). Then, “call the play” by arranging your Doritos like so:

Doritos Mix

Now, watch the game and see if Stafford makes a play that matches yours! If he does, you could win some very cool prizes, such as VR Headset + CyberPowerPC gamer desktop package, a 65-inch HD TV, a Bose home theater sound system, a Bose sound bar and a Visa gift card.

Awesome! The contest ends on Oct. 7, and you can play up to five times a day. If you win, you will get a confirmation message via email as well as a notification on your screen. And hey, even the “losers” get to enjoy their favorite chips, so it’s really a win-win for everyone!