This Bloody Mary Grilled Cheese Is The Sandwich You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you think grilled cheese is only a kid-friendly dish and not a proper entree, then perhaps this adult spin on the sandwich will change your mind.

This Bloody Mary grilled cheese consists of a savory French toast-like bread that’s been soaked in a vodka and tomato juice cocktail and topped with piles of cheddar cheese, bacon and tomatoes. If that’s not an adult-worthy indulgence, I don’t know what is.

It may just be the perfect sandwich to eat at a boozy brunch (or even following a night out to help get rid of a hangover). After all, it combines a classic cocktail with one of the most beloved comfort foods. What’s not to love? And anyone with tastebuds knows that grilled cheese and tomato goes perfectly together.

Add in the bacon and booze-soaked bread, and you’ve got an unforgettable meal.

How To Make A Bloody Mary Grilled Cheese

According to this Delish recipe, the first step with this grilled cheese is whipping up a Bloody Mary cocktail. For that, you’ll need the usual mix of tomato juice, vodka, hot sauce, horseradish and Worcestershire sauce. Then, soak the bread in the cocktail.

In a similar way to French toast, letting the bread soak in the cocktail will cause it to absorb all of the flavors of the liquid. Next, pan-fry each bread slice until crispy, and use it to make a sandwich with melted cheddar cheese, tomatoes and bacon.

Wickles Pickles

In case you’re not drooling already, Wickles Pickles has a similar recipe for a Bloody Mary grilled cheese — with a Southern twist. This recipe calls for adding spicy pickled okra to the sandwich, which, if you’re an okra fan, sounds amazing.

Wicked Pickles

However, even if you’re a purist who prefers nothing but cheddar cheese in between your bread slices, the Bloody Mary-soaked bread will provide more than enough tang to make this sandwich a party in your mouth.

No matter which route you go, make sure to eat your sandwich hot! Nothing is worse than a soggy or room-temperature grilled cheese.

Are you willing to give these Bloody Mary grilled cheese recipes a try?