Japan’s Famous Wisteria Bloom Begins


We’ve all heard of the cherry blossom festival in Washington D.C., and—while beautiful—if you haven’t already been this year, you may be too late. The famous festival concludes this weekend.

But, before you cry over dead blossoms, cheer up. The most beautiful blooms on earth can still be yours to behold.


You just have to get to Japan and quick. The wisteria in Japan is second to none in terms of floral beauty. And the peak season in Japan runs late April through mid-May.

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These Japanese blooms have a dream-like quality. The flowers hanging several feet down from the large trees that support them make the canopy of color seem like a scene from a movie.

wisteria japan photo
Flickr | BONGURI

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In fact, some people believe these magical blooms inspired James Cameron to create “Avatar”‘s Tree of Souls.

Tree of Souls

Where To See Wisteria In Japan

There are two key locations for enjoying the best wisteria displays in Japan.

Flickr | hwat

The first, the Great Wisteria Festival in Ashikaga Flower Park is accessible by train from Tokyo. This festival begins April 15 and runs through May 21. Ashikaga park is home to the 150-year-old tree pictured above as well as 350 0thers. Guests can also enjoy a tunnel of white wisteria and lighted nighttime displays.

wisteria japan photo
Flickr | Manish Prabhune

The second wisteria wonderland is the Kawachi Fujien Wisteria Garden. This private garden open during peak wisteria season features two long tunnels of different colors of wisteria vines, as well as a wisteria canopy.

Japan Guide


Where To See Wisteria In The U.S.

If a trip to Japan isn’t in the cards for you, you can head to Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, where a variety of wisteria trees generally blossom in May each year.

Longwood Gardens

Gardening experts caution against planting wisteria at home, however, as the plant is invasive and could overtake the other flora in your garden.

If you can’t get to Japan or Pennsylvania this year, you can at least check out these incredible shots of the blooms:

This tunnel looks like a fairy tale.

The Wisteria Flower Tunnel in Japan

Visitors to Ashikaga are even enjoying some wisteria-flavored ice cream.


It’s no surprise that seeing the wisteria blooms in Japan are on many people’s bucket lists.


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Seriously, have you ever seen something so beautiful?

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