BLT Pasta Salad Recipe Looks Perfect For Summer

Summer is the season for barbecues and parties with friends — and BLT pasta salad is the perfect summer side dish to serve at all of your gatherings this year. Everyone loves a classic BLT sandwich, and this BLT pasta salad recipe incorporates its familiar flavors into a brand-new form your guests will enjoy just as much.

It can be served hot or cold, so feel free to make it ahead of time and refrigerate it until ready to serve. Of course, this pasta salad features bacon, lettuce and tomato. A good BLT sandwich isn’t complete without a creamy sauce, so this recipe uses a sour cream and ranch-based dressing that gives it a richness and a bit of a kick. From start to finish, the BLT pasta salad recipe will be ready in just 25 minutes, so it’s ideal for when you’re in a time crunch or need a last-minute addition to your spread.

Check out this video tutorial from Delish on YouTube that will show you how to put together the BLT pasta salad recipe of your dreams:

This layered pasta salad looks as great as it tastes, making for an impressive presentation that’s sure to wow your guests.

The Delish recipe calls for bow tie pasta, but you could sub in any pasta of your choice. This version from Spend With Pennies calls for rotini pasta, which the blog’s author says is ideal for soaking up the delicious dressing into its crevices.


This BLT pasta salad recipe’s dressing is made from a combo of mayonnaise and ranch dressing. The recipe notes that you can use bottled ranch dressing, but if you want to go the extra mile, whip up some homemade ranch dressing. Your tastebuds will thank you! If mayo is not your thing, Crunchy Creamy Sweet recommends replacing it with extra sour cream or ranch dressing.

While this pasta salad works great as a side to be served alongside burgers, hot dogs or other fare from the grill, thanks to the bacon, it’s hearty enough to work as a light meal on its own. Pack some in a Tupperware container for an on-the-go lunch, or eat it straight from the refrigerator on a summer night when it’s way too hot to cook.

You might think that BLT pasta salad is about as far from a vegan dish as you can get, but it’s actually possible to whip up a version that does not contain animal products. This recipe from Allergy Awesomeness can be made with a vegan bacon substitute and a vegan mayonnaise spread. Avocados add healthy fat as well as some extra creaminess. It can also be made with gluten-free pasta if gluten is a concern.


Looking for more tasty pasta salad recipes to add to your summer rotation? This pasta salad featuring ricotta cheese and spinach was one of the most popular on Pinterest. Dill pickle pasta salad is a departure from your everyday pasta salad and a must for anyone who is a fan of dill pickles.

Yum! Do you have a favorite pasta salad recipe?