Every parent on the planet can relate to this video of Blue Ivy telling Beyoncé and Jay-Z to stop clapping at the Grammys

60th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show
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How many times have your kids told you that something you’re doing—dancing, singing, dropping them off at school—is so “not cool”?

“Mom, stop it!” “Dad, you’re soooooooooo embarrassing!”

Yep, we’ve all been there. But in case you thought only regular parents were victims of that cruel brand of humiliation that only pre-pubescent offspring can dole out, Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s 6-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, is here to tell you that even mega-famous celebrity parents get put in their place by their kids once in a while. And if you’reBeyoncé and Jay-Z, it happens on live TV!

In what may have been the funniest moment at the 2018 Grammys, Blue Ivy motioned for her parents to stop clapping in response to a speech by singer Camila Cabello. Lucky for us, the camera just so happened to be focused on the famous family right when relatable moment went down.

And, of course, it quickly began spreading on the internet, generating memes and Tweets for people who either found it hilarious or who can seriously relate to being bossed around by their own child.

Check out the hilarious clip below:


Throughout the night, Blue Ivy treated viewers at home to adorable funny faces when the camera focused on her. While sitting in the front row at the Grammys with Beyoncé and Jay-Z may sound like a dream come true to you—it’s a total drag for Blue Ivy, who is apparently as bored as every other kid in the world when they’re forced to hang out with their parents.

60th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show
Getty Images | Christopher Polk

So, if your kid has ever been embarrassed by you or told you to calm down when you were a little too excited about something, then congratulations because you officially have something in common with Beyoncé and Jay-Z—for probably the first time ever!

Why Blue Ivy wasn’t loving Cabello’s speech enough to allow her parents to continue applauding, we may never know. But none of that really matters when we have funny Tweets like these to keep us entertained until the next time this precocious little girl goes on an outing:

Oh, and the best part? Beyoncé and Jay-Z did indeed stop clapping when their daughter told them to—confirming once and for all just who runs the Carter household.


Can you relate to Beyoncé and Jay-Z? What do you do that embarrasses your children?

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