This blueberry bottom cake recipe was the result of a happy accident

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Experimentation is a big part of cooking, baking and creating in the kitchen. Sometimes the experiments succeed. Sometimes they fail. And sometimes what you thought was a flop becomes an unexpected win.

That was the case when Good Life Eats blogger Katie Kick baked what she thought was going to be a breakfast blueberry cream cheese coffee cake. What she made wasn’t quite what she planned.

First off, the cake was sweeter than expected and better suited to dessert than breakfast. Plus the blueberries didn’t behave the way Kick thought they would.

“The blueberries were supposed to be on top, and swirled in a cheese topping,” she wrote on her post about the unplanned cake. “Instead, the blueberry topping sunk to the bottom and the cheese topping was left on top, swirled into the cake batter.”

Although the cake wasn’t what she had been going for, the result (seen below) was still delicious!

Good Life Eats

Kick figured out that the blueberries sunk because the sauce they were in wasn’t cooled before being poured on top of the batter. But she liked the “happy accident” and didn’t adjust the recipe to fix her error.

The Good Life Eats blogger said that it ended up reminding her of “fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt cups, only it was fruit on the bottom cake. A nice surprise at the bottom for an otherwise plain looking dessert.”

The Berries on the Bottom Cake includes your typical cake ingredients, plus lemon juice, lemon zest, blueberries and cream cheese. A blueberry sauce goes on the bottom of a springform pan followed by the cake batter. The cheesecake layer is then poured on top of that and swirled a bit into the cake batter. More blueberries go on top.

If you’re interested in more “blueberry on the bottom” type desserts and cakes, AllRecipes has a version with whipped topping and gelatin. Anne from the Upstate Ramblings blog has a recipe for a blueberry upside down cake that looks moist and decadent.

And if you really can’t get enough blueberry in your bakes, you’ll want to read the recipes for this blueberry cobbler dump cake, as well as this lemon blueberry poke cake. And this buttermilk blueberry breakfast cake is a must-bake for the next time you have houseguests.

And while the blueberries aren’t the bottom layer in these recipes, Good Love Eats also has recipes for an almond blueberry lemon curd coffee cake and a lemon yogurt muffins with blueberries.

Have you ever created a tasty recipe by accident?

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