Boat captain adopts cat he rescued after it was thrown off a bridge

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If you’re looking for your feel-good story of the day, look no further. Last week, a boat captain in Florida rescued a kitten who was thrown off a bridge. And as if that weren’t gratifying enough, he’s planning to keep the abandoned cat. And what does he plan on calling his feline friend? “Miracle.”

Captain Jordan Smith, who captains the boat Profishonal with Let’s Fish Destin Charters, first saw the cat hurled off Destin’s Marler Bridge on Thursday. “I just saw something out of the corner of my eye. I saw some movement. Then I heard splat! Splat!” he told the Panama City News Herald. “I thought someone threw some trash down.”

Smith told the newspaper he had never seen a live animal thrown off a bridge, so when he saw movement in the water, he assumed it was an otter. However, once he saw the black cat’s eyes looking at him, he grabbed the net and fished it out of the water.

“When I took it out of the net, it grabbed a hold of my arm,” he told the Panama City News Herald. “I held the cat all the way into the HarborWalk. It was pretty intense.”

Clearly, it was intense enough to inspire a lasting bond. According to WTVY, the kitten is now being looked after by a veterinarian, but she’ll go home with Smith to join his family once she’s all cleaned up.

A picture taken by Smith and shared on Facebook shows the terrified cat he picked up:

The picture was shared over 11,000 times, and had over 7,000 reactions, with many thanking Smith for picking her up. From the sounds of it, Let’s Fish Destin Charters will also be receiving quite a bit of new business thanks to the viral news.

Here’s to hoping Miracle makes a swift recovery and gets to go home with her new family soon.

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