Bob Ross The TV Painter Now Has His Own Board Game At Target

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There are a few things I learned from watching Bob Ross paint during my childhood — none of which is how to paint. Along with the fact that jeans are totally acceptable to wear every day, the most important is to relax. Breath. Take a chill pill. Calm. Down.

If you’ve ever tried to paint or do any form of artwork while anxious, you know how important the chill factor is. Happy trees are happy because they’re chill, people. And because being chill is an important part of creativity, a new Bob Ross board game at Target looks to be right on point.


Bob Ross: Art of Chill” looks so cool that it has me losing all my chill (and seeing how many more times I can say “chill” in this story). The goal? Finish one of Ross’ masterpieces before he does to win “chill” status. The most chilled-out person wins.

The game is exclusive to Target and for ages 12 and up, with a suggested two to four players. It comes with four painting palettes, 60 art supplies cards, 24 chill cards, 11 technique cards, 12 feature markers, four “chill cubes,” one “Bob Mover,” 15 double-sided paintings and an easel and die. The instructions are pretty detailed, but these aren’t simple paintings, so there have to be a lot of rules.

But seriously, chill. It’s just a game.

Big G Creative

According to the game’s official website, it is not available until Oct. 1, 2017.

Regardless, BoardGameGeek got their hands on a copy and posted a video review to YouTube:

Ross is best known for his television program “The Joy of Painting,” where he would talk through each step of his paintings in a calming tone. He encouraged people to paint with affirmations like “You can do it” and “All you need is a dream in your heart.”

Although 90 percent of the people watching weren’t actually painting with him, he learned how to paint from watching someone else on TV.


Even after his death in 1995, Bob Ross’ calming spirit continues to be admired. You can now watch him paint on Netflix and if the board game isn’t enough, there is also a Bob Ross coloring book, Chia pet and mugs, T-shirts and even socks.

Happy playing! And remember — chill out!