This Horse Is Having The Time Of His Life Playing In Snow From Bomb Cyclone

As Winter Storm Grayson (aka the 2018 Bomb Cyclone) made a direct hit along the East Coast, millions of people hunkered down in their homes to keep warm. But not everyone stayed inside when there was snow to play with!

Cappy the horse couldn’t seem to get enough of the winter weather! A video posted on Facebook by Providence, Rhode Island’s WPRI-TV shows him having a grand ol’ time rolling around and frolicking in the flakes! In fact, Cappy looks more like a puppy playing than a horse!


WPRI reporter Patrick Little posted the video, saying the horse lives on his sister’s farm in Little Compton, Rhode Island. He said it might be the best snow video of the day. And, we have to admit it’s pretty darned cute!

Of course, Cappy wasn’t alone in loving the weather this week. People all across social media shared posts of their pets’ snow day play. These furry guys almost make the cold look fun!

Archer, a Welsh terrier/Airedale mix from Boston, Massachusetts has his own Instagram account (@archerlerup) and posted some video of his playtime.

New York City French bulldog Lily (@lilyfleur) dragged her human outside to play in the snowstorm, too!

A hungry buck in Staten Island, New York didn’t let sub-zero temperatures keep him from having a snack! Check out this video of him braving the cold!


Unfortunately, not all animals are enjoying this blast of wintry cold.

In the southeastern part of the U.S., states not used to icy temperatures, such as Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, are experiencing something quite unusual: falling iguanas. Yes, it looks like it is raining reptiles in the South. The temperatures are so cold they are actually freezing these cold-blooded critters right out of the trees. As a result, they fall on the ground and appear dead.

The Weather Channel reported that sharks are literally freezing off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Known as thresher sharks, these sea creatures simply can’t adapt to the frigid temperatures as the Atlantic Ocean dipped down to 36 degrees!

Winter Storm Grayson brought Tallahassee, Florida its first measurable snow in 30 years! And, while they may have only received 0.1 inches of snow, that is a blizzard for the Sunshine State. The cold temperatures have lingered beyond the storm. Parts of Florida are having a hard time getting into the 50s for a high temperature.

Temperatures are supposed to moderate later this weekend, but winter still has a long way to go. We’re already counting down to Spring!