German shepherds seeking home after owner dies

German shepherds Blackie and Brownie sit on couch
Facebook/Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary

Two bonded German shepherd dogs at the Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary in Port Clinton, Ohio, hope to find a new home. Prior to their arrival at the rescue, the 5-year-old siblings lived with their owner, who recently died at 90 years old.

“It’s just important that we find the right person for these two dogs,” Keith Hodkinson, a local radio host who helps out at the sanctuary, told WTOL.

Hodkinson received a call from Island Safe Harbor requesting help transporting the canines. Founder Nancy Benevento was surprised to see such a unique bond between the two dogs.

Their size — each weighs well over 100 pounds — sets them apart from other dogs cared for by the sanctuary. In addition, German shepherds can be challenging to care for, as they need plenty of room to run around and “jobs” to do. So finding the perfect forever home for these two pups might be difficult.

The nonprofit shared photos and details about the dogs on its website and Facebook page.

“I promised the owner in my prayers and dreams that we will do what we can to get them that HOME – that YARD and A JOB,” Benevento wrote in the post, adding, “he loved them with all his heart and soul. I know he is watching from heaven and hoping with all of his heart that his boys continue to be taken care of.”

Most importantly, the pair must remain together, as they have been all five years of their lives — separating them is not an option.

Brownie (144 pounds) and Blackie (130 pounds) are 5-year-old German shepherds from the same litter. Both are neutered, up to date on all vaccinations and have no hip issues — a common health issue for this breed. Brownie is the alpha of the two and corrects Blackie, while Blackie is more mild-tempered. Brownie might look intimidating but is not aggressive toward humans.

In their former home, they greeted customers at their owner’s on-site shop during the day and guarded the house at night. They also had an ample 2-acre, fenced-in yard to explore and play in.

“We want to give them a full life,” Hodkinson told WTOL. “They’re 5 years old; they have a long life ahead of them… when you get to know them, they’re loving dogs.”

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