Book-Lovers Are Officially More Attractive

If you’re taking a break from reading to be on the Internet right now, then you’re in good shape, in terms of attraction.

According to a recent study conducted by the dating app MyBae, book-lovers are the most sought-after companion. If you love to read, I’m sure you were already convinced of that fact, so, you can get back to your book now.

MyBae helps you find potential partners based on which hashtags you use, and according to their studies, 21 percent of their matches have a common interest in reading. That out-trumps the 15 percent who’ve connected with Netflix or movies as a common interest. Finally, someone can see that “Netflix & chill” isn’t as cool as “reading and occasionally glancing at each other in a coffee shop.”


As far as your reading hashtagging game goes, the more specific you are with the books you enjoy, the more likely you are to find a match. #GameOfThronesBooks is a big hit, for example.

According to the study, “even when looking at matches between people who don’t have tags in common shows an interesting result. It shows that 11 percent of people will try to match with someone who uses tags that show that they’re an avid reader.”


So, whether you are a book-lover yourself, this study shows that people generally want to be with someone who likes to read. Because, admit it: The person with his or her nose in a book is instantly more attractive than everyone else.

There’s finally a bit of research to back up the claim that book-lovers have known all along. Reading a book is basically the best activity, even when it comes to finding a love match.

[h/t: Hello Giggles]