Boost Your Focus With’s Audio Tracks—Now 80% Off

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Want to sleep deeper, focus better, and relax like you mean it? Make it happen with’s audio tracks: a lifetime subscription is currently going for 80% off!

This audio library has become a Top 50 Most Up-voted entry on Product Hunt for good reason: it really works. With’s advanced AI technology, you’ll access original compositions specifically designed for your desired mood or objectives. 

Just plug in, select your category of choice, and begin listening: the effects will take place within minutes. Plus, you can adjust the stream to play for varying times, but you’ll see results in as little as 10 minutes.

You’ll never go back to your old playlist again: grab this lifetime subscription for the low, one-time price of just $39, marked down from the usual $199.99. The price includes includes premium-only content, progress tracking, and iOS mobile access for ultimate productivity and relaxation on the go.

For other subscription lengths (also offered at similar discounts), be sure to check the deal page for more details.

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