You Can Now Order Boozy Beignets At Disney World

Who said Disney World was for kids? The resort is making dreams come true for adults, too, by serving up some delicious, alcohol-infused dessert options. You can now order boozy beignets at the Scat Cat’s Club — that is, if you’re 21 and older!

The Disney Food Blog was the first to point out that these Louisiana-inspired treats were available, and a quick look at the Scat Cat’s Club website confirmed that these treats are indeed on the menu! They’re called the Baton Rouge Beignets and they come with three alcohol options: Bailey’s, Kahlua or Rumchata (a creamy rum).

Each of the fluffy dessert pastries are served with a syringe full of the alcohol, so you can inject it straight into the middle of the beignet — or take a bite and squirt some into your mouth as you go. As long as you’re of age, there’s no wrong way to enjoy this deliciousness!

The disneyfoodblog Instagram account gave a peek of the powdered sugar-covered goodness on Instagram:

For just $8 you get an order of three beignets, each with a corresponding shot of alcohol. Not bad for a little adult time at Disney, huh?

In case you’re interested in noshing some non-booze-filled treats, you’ll be happy to know that Disney also offers Mickey Mouse-shaped beignets that are perfect for the kiddos.

You can find these age-appropriate beignets at the Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory in French Quarter part of the Disney Springs Resort Area.

This Instagram account showed off the dessert that’s almost too cute to eat:

But that’s certainly not all that Disney World has to offer in the food department! Not only can you get two versions of beignets, but you can also find an all-new flavor of the infamous Disney dessert, Dole Whip.

Again, the disneyfoodblog Instagram was the first to share the news:

A lemon flavor should be up for grabs at the Pixar Pier, which opened on June 23.

Which decadent Disney treat would you like to try first?