Boozy Dole Whip Cocktails Will Make Your Backyard Feel Like A Tropical Island

Which fruit do you think of when it comes to sensational summertime drinks? One of the most popular has to be pineapple, which somehow manages to offer the perfect amount of sweetness without going over the top.

With the summer months coming up, we’re starting to daydream about sipping refreshing pineapple drinks while sitting outside beside the pool. Until the warmer weather arrives, we’ve found a few drink recipes that should add a little extra sunshine to your day.


Whipped drinks are all the rage right now, and while whipped coffee drinks seem to be taking center stage with these trendy beverages, whipped pineapple cocktails seem primed to steal the spotlight.

This boozy pineapple whip recipe from Delish blends frozen pineapple, coconut rum, coconut milk and sweetened condensed milk into a creamy, dreamy drink that will make you swear you’re vacationing on a tropical beach.

Buzzfeed Tasty shared a whipped pineapple and Blue Curacao cocktail called The Swimming Pool that just screams summertime! Get out your blender to whip together some crushed ice, fresh pineapple, canned pineapple juice, a little bit of white rum and toasted coconut syrup.

Pour Blue Curacao in your cocktail glass before topping it with the frothy pineapple mixture, and voila! There’s a delicious swimming pool topped with sunshine in your glass.

For those pineapple fans who just can’t get enough of their favorite fruit, check out this post from Instagrammer @drlisalesliewilliams.

She shared a drink that uses parts of the pineapple we would normally toss in the trash. Now you can save every scrap of that delicious flesh and make it into a refreshing beverage!

Of course, if you’d prefer a booze-free whipped pineapple treat, there’s always Disney’s three-ingredient Dole Whip recipe that you can make at home. Cheers to summertime drinks all year round!