Bose’s new Sleepbuds are earbuds that will help you sleep

For years, Bose has made waves with its high-end speakers and headphones. However, the latest innovation from the company known for crisp, clear audio has nothing to do with music. Instead, the new Bose noise-masking Sleepbuds focus on improving your sleep and overall health.

These tiny, Bluetooth-enabled earbuds apparently work like an all-night lullaby. They mask external noises with soothing sounds that match the frequencies of common overnight distractions. Plus, they are smaller than standard earbuds, making them more comfortable to wear overnight.

The Sleepbuds come with 10 audio tracks pre-loaded and can run for up to 16 hours on a charge, according to Bose. They hit the market this week and are retailing for $249 a pair.


The new product comes after Bose research revealed a majority of people are sleep deprived. While that’s not news to most of us, Bose went deeper and studied the noises that commonly wake people up, like dogs, sirens, taxis, snoring and elevators. The company then came up with a solid sleep solution.

To ensure its novel new idea resonated with consumers, Bose offered exclusive pricing on prototypes sold on Indiegogo in November 2017. The company said the prototypes sold out in six days.


The Sleepbuds campaign was an overwhelming success. Bose raised $450,000 — well over its $50,000 goal. Most importantly, initial backers shared their experiences so Bose could learn and refine the product before producing them for a larger consumer group.

Overall, most comments from the Indiegogo supporters revealed the Sleepbuds were comfortable. Several mentioned one bud malfunctioning or added concerns about the buds falling out overnight. Others shared feedback about the masking sounds and what worked best for them. As a result the company refined and adjusted the final product available now.

One tester even found relief from nighttime PTSD symptoms. “I can say Bose had the right mindset for the problem they are trying to solve,” the user wrote. “Great job guys/gals. Thank you!”


These Bose Sleepbuds are far from the only wearable sleep-enhancing tech devices on the market.

Sharper Image has a headband with wireless soothing sounds built in. It’s a more affordable sleep solution at $99 and consumers seem to love it, based on reviews at the company’s website.

If you want something even more high-end than Bose’s product, the Dreem Headband from Rhythm Inc., available on Indiegogo for $549, tracks brain activity in real time and triggers sounds for deeper sleep.

Dreem Headband

Do you use any devices — high- or low-tech — to help you sleep?