This Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Walked In A Fashion Show

After losing her leg, this former ballroom dancer continues to inspire.

Adrianne Haslet lost her leg after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. At the time of the attack, she was a professional ballroom dancer. Many would crumble after such a personal loss. But Haslet seems to have done everything in her power to do the opposite.

Haslet has appeared on “Dancing with the Stars” (she appeared on the show before the attack as well) and even ran the Boston Marathon again in 2016. And now, she gets to add “model” to her long list of accomplishments. According to TODAY, she recently walked in the Lesley Hampton fashion show at Vancouver Fashion Week.

Not only was this runway appearance a big deal for Haslet, but it’s a big deal for amputees everywhere, and the fashion community as a whole.

“I was immediately emotional because I knew I wasn’t only walking for me, but I was walking for other amputees who want to be celebrated as sexy. We’re no different. There is no us and them—we’re all human,” Haslet told TODAY.

This isn’t the first time Hampton has chosen to highlight diversity.

“My models range from industry size, plus size, men, women, transgender, amputee models and even some with alopecia,” she said to the Toronto Sun in 2016. “I like to have my models represent the diversity of society. Whoever I think can show off the clothes the best, then I choose them.”

All it took was a simple email to bring these two together.

“I sent her an email. I was just like, ‘I love your story. I’m so inspired. Would you be interested in coming to walk for my show?’ And she replied right away, and was like, ‘That’s incredible, absolutely,'” Hampton said on CBC’s “Our Vancouver.”

After working together, Hampton says she learned a lot from Haslet. The designer posted a photo of the two of them to Facebook, writing, “thank you for everything you’ve taught me about love and strength over the past week since meeting you 6 days ago.”

Some people just have a way of making an impact. Haslet is undoubtedly one of those people.